USAPL National Championship by YA411O6


									                 USAPL National Championship
                      BID PROPOSAL OUTLINE

I would like to be considered for the 2011 USA Powerlifting Squat /
Deadlift / Push/Pull National Powerlifting Championships,
hosted in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

As you know, our team in Pennsylvania and our lifter growth in the last
three years have set a trend for our state to deserve National
Championship bid consideration.

We are running on average one USAPL event a month and we have
grown substantially as a state and region in the membership base in
USA Powerlifting.

We believe the number of events and the quality of our events should
open new opportunities for our part of the country to be considered for
this event.

We will run this on a single platform in the summer of 2011 in
Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our hotel will have plenty of room, to even
run a two platform event, if needed. With free shuttle and affordable
hotel lodging, we believe we offer a great location for this event.

We will dedicate an event web site for this event. It will be on-line for
over 12 months prior to the event. We run computerized scoring and
projections, along with closed circuit television to the warm-up area.

Steve Mann
                    USAPL National Championship
                           BID PROPOSAL OUTLINE

Championship Title: Squat / Deadlift / Push/Pull National Championships

Proposed Date of Competition: August, 2011
City and State Location: Scranton, PA

Meet director’s name, address, phone, fax, and email
Steve Mann
PO Box 495
Chinchilla, PA 18410
570-309-6316 (Home/Work/Fax)
570-406-8422 (Cell)

Entry Fees (Athletic and Team): $50 Squat Nationals, $30 per additional division;
$50 Deadlift Nationals, $30 per additional division; $60 Push/Pull Nationals, $30 per
additional division, $75 National Combo (Entry in Squat, Deadlift and Push/Pull
Nationals), $30 per additional division per National

Awards (divisions, weight classes/places, best lifter award divisions)

Men’s classes: (114), 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 275, SHW
Women’s classes: (97), 105, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, SHW

Divisions/ Trophies Per Division:
Open (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Masters 1 - 40+ (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Masters 2 - 50+ (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Masters 3 - 60+ (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Masters 4 - 70+ (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Masters 5 - 80+ (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Junior (Top 3 per Wt. Class Male and Female)
Best Lifter (Open Lightweight and Heavyweight)

Event Format:

      Saturday

    Registered USAPL Member – No Qualifying Total Required.
A. Meet Site
      1. Facility name and location: currently reserved for meet dates?
               Clarion Hotel
      2. Dates for which the facility is reserved: Tentative August 2011
      3. Accessibility
           airport locations, distance from site, shuttle availability/cost, parking fees,
           highway access
      Scranton / Wilkes-Barre International Airport (AVP)
      4. Description of venue(s):
                    USAPL National Championship
                           BID PROPOSAL OUTLINE

B. Lodging
       1. If not the same as the lifting
           venue, distance from venue,
           shuttle availability and cost
       Airport Shuttle FREE
       2. Room rates
       Room rates $80
       3. Number of rooms to be held:
       50 per night
       4. Description of rooms/amenities        Welcome to the Clarion Hotel, a Scranton hotel
       5. Sauna/whirlpool availability:         near Montage Mountain
           Whirlpool, no sauna
                                                The Clarion Hotel® is centrally located near the
       6. Special room rates for officials if   heart of Scranton, with easy access to Interstate
           available:                           81. This Scranton, PA hotel is minutes from Snö
                                                Mountain ski area, PNC Field, the historic
       Budgeted 4 double rooms for
                                                Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour, the Toyota Pavilion
       judges stay                              at Montage Mountain, Pocono Raceway and the
                                                Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs horse racetrack.
C. Competition Facilitation
      1. Equipment and back-up
         equipment: ER Rack, 1000+ LB
         Ivanko Competition Set
      2. Platforms:
      3. Warm-up area, number of
         stations 3 Warm-up Platforms
         with 500 lbs on each
      4. Announcing and scorekeeping
         systems: Pro DJ
      5. Sound system: Pro DJ System
      6. Expediting system:
                                                Elk Mountain, Pennsylvania's premier ski area, is
      7. Platform management: BarLoad           20 miles away and offers great skiing and
         Software on Large Projection           snowboarding. Numerous museums, shopping
                                                centers and parks surround the hotel.
      8. Spotter/loaders: Abington              Visitors can play a game of golf at nearby
         Heights HS Powerlifting Team,          Glenmaura National Golf Club. Dine at a variety of
                                                area restaurants. Be sure to visit the popular Hub
         along with Garage Ink
                                                Restaurant and Lounge for lunch and dinner
         Powerlifting Tean                      located on the premises.
      9. Meet program: TBD
                                                Guests are invited to enjoy a selection of superb
                                                amenities, including:

                                                  * Free hot breakfast with eggs cooked to order,
                                                bacon, home fries and more
                                                  * Free wireless high-speed Internet access
                                                  * Free coffee
                                                  * Free USA Today

D. Drug Testing (including IOC option): Erik Steiner doping control officer
E. Number of National Referees available and/or guarantee of sufficient national and
international referees: 9
                    USAPL National Championship
                           BID PROPOSAL OUTLINE

F. Medical Facilities
       1. On site providers: Medical volunteers expected
       2. Area hospitals, clinics:
            Moses Taylor Hospital – approx. 2 miles
            CMC Hospital – approx. 3 miles

G. Audience Accommodation
       1. Admission fee $8
       2. Refreshment Availability: Yes
       3. Meet T-shirts/ other items availability?? $15

H. Vendor   Accommodations
      1.    Fee - $200 Per Table
      2.    Capacity -
      3.    Security

I. Food and Refreshment
       1. For lifters, officials, workers – Food budget for all staff
       2. Area restaurants –
       3. Area grocery stores –

J. Meeting Rooms
       1. Registration – Ballroom
       2. Equipment Check and weigh-in – Ballroom
       3. Meetings (committee) – TBD
       4. Referee examinations – TBD
       5. Drug Testing – Hotel Men’s and Women’s Room

K. Publicity and Promotion
       1. Mailings – Estimated mailing of 300 applications
       2. Media coverage – Web Site dedicated to event, e-mail advertising,
            along with Powerlifting USA Listing, including Press Releases to
            local TV and News stations.

L. Videotaping – No Restrictions

M. Area Recreation and Tourism:


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