Skyward FA by YA411O6


									 Student Achievement            Teacher Communication
And Success In School

              Family Access

                 Parent Communication
                   And Involvement
  Web-based information and
communication center for parents
 via a secure internet connection
Provides Real-time student information
  1. Communications will get to the teacher
  2. Attendance + absence notification feature
  3. Schedules
  4. Discipline
  5. Grading + missing assignment feature
  6. Student and emergency contact
  7. Important messages from teachers will get
     to you
Red arrow indicates where you would select which of your children you want to look at.
            Blue arrow indicates to the items you may select from to view.
Next five slides detail the Attendance Features available.
Any dates colored indicated that additional information is available and you may select it.
This is a sample of the additional information that would be available regarding attendance.
This allows you to send the office a note that your child is absent or will be absent. It allows to
 notify us in advance if he/she an appointment scheduled so you do not forget to send a note. It
also allows the office to reply back to you immediately if they need any additional information.
This feature also provides you a list of all previously sent notifications. If you send a notice prior
 to the date of an appointment and you have to change it you can remove it and add a new one.
The next two slides are the Schedule feature. All classes will be listed with times and teachers
names. You may select a teachers name in order to send them an email directly. This makes it
 easy to communicate with the teachers regarding any questions or concerns you may have.
The next two slides are Discipline. Here you can see if you child has been sent to the office for
any reason. As you can see the date and description show on this screen. Additional information
regarding the discipline action may be obtained by selecting the paper below Action taken. See
next slide.
This is the Grading Features. Here you will see all classes, grades, and teachers for the current
school year. You can also select the teachers name here to send an email. All grades listed on this
page are the grades that posted on the report cards and progress reports. If you select the green
view progress report button your will see there grade as of today in that class. See next slide.
If you select assignments button you will see every assignment given in that class and the grades
your child earned. This is real-time data.
This lets you know if there are any missing assignments. Keep in mind that sometimes the
teachers just have not had time to enter the grades. Most do their grades on the weekend and
only updated them once a week. If you have a concern feel free to send them an email.
Next four slides are the Student Information feature. Here you can verify that all contact and
emergency information is correct. If not, you can use the contact us tab to let the campus office
know what needs to be corrected. You will only need to send one notification for your family.
This is the Message feature. It allows teachers to post important notes. An example may be a
reminder that field trip money is due or a special project is coming up.
Complete the Request for Access Form and
 return it to the school office or administration.

You must provide proof of identification at that
 time. (Drivers license, State picture id)

No one else will have access to view your child's
User name and passwords will be mailed
 out within two weeks.

User Name: consist of eight letters and three
 numbers. (Usually, first five letters of last
 name followed by the first three letters of
 your first name and three numbers.)

Password: computer generated
What if I forget my user name or password?

You may go to the website to obtain a
 request for password reset.

If you have any other problems of concerns
   you may contact me at 817-306-4200 ext
   1144 or email me at

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