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									Alaska SPF SIG
Community Strategic Plan Template

Purpose: This template provides a format for developing your community’s SPF strategic plan.

Part I serves as a blueprint for your coalition’s efforts to prevent underage drinking and adult heavy
and binge drinking, including cultural competence and sustainability. This document will also assist
in developing a plan accessible to your community, helping increase the commitment to the work of
preventing underage drinking and adult heavy and binge drinking.

Part II is intended to provide background information to the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral
Health so that reviewers have a complete picture of how you reached decisions about strategies and
evaluation plans. State appointed reviewers will review both Parts I and II of this document to
approve your strategic plan so that you can move into Step 4 of the SPF, Implementation.

To support your community in the planning process, the Alaska SPF SIG Strategic Planning Resource
Guide has been developed to complement this template. Please refer to the explanations and
examples provided in the Resource Guide as you complete your strategic plan.

Suggestion: Complete the template below separately for each of the two priority consumption
                                   Youth ages 12-20
                                   Adults ages 21-44

Community Strategic Plan Template                                                            Page 1 of 5
Alaska SPF SIG
Community Strategic Plan Template

                                                  PART I

Describe your coalition’s vision statement for alcohol prevention.

COMMUNITY-LEVEL LOGIC MODEL (Resource guide page 8)
To get a sense of your overall plan of prevention efforts, please provide your community-level logic
model for the consumption area being targeted by this plan. You may include it as an attachment or
insert it here.

For each strategy, please complete the following information.

INTERVENING VARIABLE (Resource guide, page 10):

Contributing Factor (Resource guide, page 11):
Related Objective:

Strategy (please also insert or attach strategy-level logic model – see Resource Guide, page 22):

Strategy type (CSAP designation – please select one):
       __ Prevention Education                  __ Alternative Drug-Free Activities
       __ Problem Identification & Referral     __ Community-Based Processes
       __ Environmental                         __ Information Dissemination

Institute of Medicine (IOM) classification (please select one):
        __ Universal (general population)
        __ Selective (higher-than-average risk population)
        __ Indicated (already using or engaged in other high-risk behaviors)

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Alaska SPF SIG
Community Strategic Plan Template

                                    Action Plan (Resource guide, page 30)

For each strategy, include activities related to capacity building (including increasing community
readiness) as well as strategy implementation and evaluation activities. If needed, you may include a
separate capacity building and implementation action plans.

                                                                        Resources needed
                                         When           Who             (workforce skills, personnel, programs
 Action Item                             (completion    (primary person & policies, facilities, monetary,
                                         date)          responsible)    institutional/leadership, partnerships,
                                                                        data, cultural capacity)

                               Evaluation Plan (Resource guide, page 27)

Include output and outcome evaluation details for each strategy.

 Activities                 Indicator                  Measure/method         When/Who/How

 Participation              Indicator                  Measure/method         When/Who/How

 Short-Term*               Indicator               Measure                 Method           When/Who/How

 Medium Term               Indicator               Measure                 Method           When/Who/How

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Alaska SPF SIG
Community Strategic Plan Template

 Long-Term                  Indicator            Measure                Method           When/Who/How

 Impact (Consequence)       Indicator            Measure                Method           When/Who/How

*Measuring and reporting on short-term outcomes are required during the SPF SIG project.

Describe your plans for sharing both output and outcome evaluation results with the coalition and
the larger community, including:

       How often will results be shared with the community?
       What methods will be used to share results with the community?
       Who will be involved in sharing results?
       How will community feedback about results be gathered and incorporated?

Identify three areas of sustainability that will benefit your community the most. Results from your
resource assessment of prioritized intervening variables should help guide your decisions. How will
you focus on these in a way that sustains your prevention strategies and outcomes after SPF SIG
grant funding has ended? Consider all of the potential resources available to you in the community
including local workforce skills, people who work in alcohol prevention, physical space and
equipment, community programs and policies in place to address alcohol prevention, monetary
resources, institutional and coalition leadership, partnerships, data availability, and cultural capacity.

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Alaska SPF SIG
Community Strategic Plan Template

                                               PART II

For each strategy, please complete the following information.

Evidence of Effectiveness (Resource guide, page 15)
Evidence Base Category (check one):       __Option 1    __ Option 2     __ Option 3

If Option 1, please identify the name of the federal registry used and any details provided in the
registry about the chosen strategy.

If Option 2, please identify the peer-reviewed journal used and attach the journal article.

If Option 3, please address the following:
     Describe how the strategy has shown some positive results in changing contributing factors
       and/or alcohol consumption in the past, enough to reasonably justify its use.
     Attach relevant and appropriate evaluation tools and measures on which positive results are
       based (e.g., surveys, focus groups, interviews, secondary data, or elder support for Alaska
       Native specific strategies). Include formal and information evaluation reports or summaries
       if available.

Strategy Fit (Resource guide, page 14)
1. How were members of the coalition and target population involved in selection of the strategy?
2. How effectively can the strategy be implemented and evaluated within the time remaining in the
   grant period? What challenges exist? Are adequate resources available?
3. What gaps does this strategy fill in reducing alcohol consumption in the community? How does
   it build on previous efforts but provide something different from what is currently taking place?

Fidelity and Adaptations (Resource guide, page 17)
1. What are the core components (“active ingredients”) of the strategy?
2. How will you ensure consistency and reliability in the implementation?
3. What (if any) adaptations have been identified, or what is the plan for identifying any needed
   adaptations? How will target populations be involved?
4. How will you ensure that the core components of the strategy remain unchanged (such as
   duration, intensity, and content)?

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