Website Work Letters Of Recommendation poem by YA411O6


									Letters Of Recommendation

At war with stress until I come up with victory
Braving the storms and seas of distress
Creativity shining in like overdue morning light
Demonstrating love for others that illuminates in dark times
Exploding faster, because I see that checkered flag
Fundamentally sound through the pain and difficult situations
Generous even when times don't constitute it
Hope in greater things so I never say quit
Inspirational words never die like the negative
Judging the good with the bad in between two eyes
Kings have lost their kingdoms without love
Lessons remembered to become a better person
Money coming slow, still making the most of each day
Numerous times I could've threw in the towel, but I held fast
Odds stacked like poker chips, I push forward regardless
Passionate enough to get to where I want to be
Quiet confidence until that day comes
Revived by those who believed I would make it this far
Storming the gates of disbelief with faith
Troubled days ahead, I just turn up the music
Unrestricted to do whatever I put my mind to
Virtually unstoppable because I cant see past my vision
Wagering my all in hopes to reach one person
X out the negative talk, they see you passing them
Yellow lights speed up my determination to get across
Zero to sixty cars, I work for fire engine red colored success

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