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					              Belly Dance Workshops with Aradia
Workshop Schedule:                                                                                   To Register:
Workshop will be held in the                                                                         Early Registration (postmarked by
South Tower of Purdue Memorial Union                                                                 February 1st): $30/ session or $100 for
Saturday, February 10th                                                                              all 4 session
    Egyptian Pop Choreography                                                                       Please send checks to:
2pm-4:30pm                                                                                           Mirage Bellydancers
    Taqsim                                                                                          STEW 757
Sunday, February 11th                                                                                Stewart Center, Purdue University
10am-1pm                                                                                             West Lafayette, IN 47907
    Mastering Drum Solos with
    Choreography and Shimmy Drills                                                                        Please include a list of classes you
2:30pm-4:30pm                                                                                              will be participating in and contact
    Layering Technique                                                                                    information.
Lunchtime lectures: “Becoming a
Professional Dancer”                                                                                 $40 at the door if space allows
                                                                                                     $10 per Lecture, $15 for both days
Hosted by:
Mirage Bellydancers                                                                                  Contact:
Purdue University                                                                                    Meagan Guilfoyle
West Lafayette, IN                                                                                   Phone number: (630) 624-0401
                                                                                                     Email: mguilfoy@purdue.edu
Aradia has performed as a soloist through out the United States, Egypt and Switzerland. She has danced at many of the top hotels, restaurants and
clubs in Las Vegas, as well as performing for Celine Dion’s wedding, BlockBusters premiere opening for “The Mummy” and several TV spots on
the Discovery and Bravo Channel. She is a sought after instructor and choreographer, her professionalism and friendly personality make her one of
the most requested dancers in Las Vegas. Her style is a mixture of Arabic and Turkish cabaret, with an authenticity appreciated by her Middle
Eastern audiences. Aradia’s performances, full of energy and strength, and coupled with fluid technique, express her extensive training, as well as her
sheer joy that is evident in her smile. For more information about Aradia, visit http://www.aradialv.com/.

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