Chapter 14 Reading Guide by HDk09H


									                    Chapter 14 Reading Guide-15th Edition

Identify the following. Be as specific as possible, and include names, dates, and
relevant facts as appropriate. Be sure to explain the significance of the term. And,
highlight or underline the terms.

Core Case Study: Water Conflicts in the Middle East
      Question 1: Many countries in the Middle East rely on only 3 main rivers
      for all of their freshwater needs. Why is global collaboration essential
      when dealing with water issues? What could happen if water supplies are
      cut by one country to another?

14.1 Water’s Importance
      a) Groundwater and Water Table
      b) Aquifer and Recharge
      c) Watershed

14.2 Too Little Water
      d) Hydrological poverty

      Question 2: Research who owns your freshwater. Where does this water
      come from? Is this a public or private company? Why does this matter?

14.3 Withdrawing Groundwater Supplies to Increase Supplies
      e) Groundwater Depletion

      Question 3: Here in Southern California, lawns are abundant. Grass is a
      tropical species that requires a large amount of water to live. Yet, we live
      in an arid, chaparral biome. Why do you think people have lawns? And,
      should we continue to use our freshwater for lawns? Why/why not?

14.4 Using Dams and Reservoirs
      f) Reservoir
      g) Dam removal

      Question 4: Do the advantages of large dams outweigh their

14.5 Transferring Water From One Place to Another
      h) Colorado River Basin: History, Pros, Cons

14.6 Desalting Seawater, Seeding Clouds, and Towing Icebergs and Giant
      i) Desalination: Distillation and Reverse Osmosis
14.7 Increasing Water Supplies by Wasting Less Water
       j) Types of irrigation

      Question 5: Should water prices be raised sharply to help reduce water
      waste? Justify your answer with 2 supporting statements.

14.8 Too Much Water
      k) Floodplains

      Question 6: What role does population growth play in water supply
      problems? Support your statement with a real life example.

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