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The majority of senior citizens have stayed with their insurance companies for many years because quite
simply, familiarity is reassuring. Then again, the auto insurance industry has grown more competitive.

Insurance firms compete for the patronage of older drivers by offering discounts and low premiums,

without compromising coverage. With that in mind, instead of staying on the same insurance plan or

carrier, older drivers may benefit from checking out deals offered by other firms.

                                                   How to get inexpensive senior car insurance

                                                   Look around

                                                   Shopping for inexpensive insurance products is not as

                                                   difficult to do nowadays because of the Internet. Price

                                                   comparison sites let you find insurance companies that

                                                   offer sufficient coverage with a smaller cash outlay

                                                   easily and quickly. If you are not very familiar about

                                                   how to access such websites, ask a younger family

                                                   member to do this for you.

Check for discounts

Numerous car insurance firms provide discounts for older drivers, particularly those between 50 and 55

years old. Remember though that drivers beyond the age of 75 may be required to pay higher premiums

because this group has one of the highest rates of fatal daytime mishaps. To be qualified to receive

discounts, seniors in their seventies can enroll in senior driving lessons or drive infrequently.

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Use a low risk car

Some vehicles are more expensive to cover. If you use a vehicle that is considered low-risk by insurers,

they might require lower premiums to insure your vehicle. You may also install safety or security gadgets

in your car to shave off a few bucks from your insurance premiums.

                                                  Avoid tarnishing your driving record

                                                  Apart from your choice of car, one of the most

                                                  important factors of how much you need to pay for

                                                  insurance is your driving record. If you are a responsible

                                                  driver, you will get good driver discounts. Moving

                                                  violations are given points to determine its extent and

                                                  the risk of insuring you. Points can take 3-7 years to

                                                  fade depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

Examine insurance requirements

If you can afford it, choose plans with higher deductibles to reduce your premium. You can also drop

collision or comprehensive coverage if you own a car that is more than 5 years old or one that has high

mileage. Although there are steps you can take to lower auto insurance expenses, as a senior, it would be

smart to consider whether you really have to drive at all. If you are already enjoying your retirement, you

may no longer have to drive frequently, and it may be more practical to use those funds elsewhere. Do not

associate giving up driving as a decrease in autonomy, instead consider it as a means of enjoying your

nest egg more. Click here for more articles about auto insurance for seniors.

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