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									                      Taha Mohammed Shaltu
                      720-220 9236

     To obtain a promising position in a Laboratory, research assistance and Industrial field, that offers both a
     challenge and a good opportunity for growth in intellectual skill with my BS degree in chemistry field.

    Excellent research experience in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry, Protein Purification
    Proficient in computer applications such as; Microsoft Word, Power point, and Excel
    Exceptional ability to quickly master challenging task, working well under pressure and communicating
     ideas clearly and effectively
    Energetic, enthusiastic with excellent interpersonal skills

     Strong organizational and initiative skills with excellent analytical ability

     Applicable Characteristics

        Ambition
        Responsibility
        Organization
        Compassion
        Commitment

     Bachelor Degree in Chemistry                                                       May, 2011
     University of Colorado Denver                                                              Denver, CO
     , Biochemistry chemistry                                                           May, 2011
     University of Colorado Denver
     Science Laboratory Technology
     Microbiology and Virology Technique                                                           Dec, 2004
     University of Colorado Denver

     * Pathology/Parasitology                * Instrumental Analysis         * Biochemical Genetics/Engineering
     * Microbial and Molecular Biology       * Advanced Enzymology           * Pharmaceutical Microbiology
     * Medical Microbiology                  * Toxicology                    * Protein & Amino acid Metabolism
     * Advanced Organic Chemistry            * Molecular Modeling            *Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
     Biochemistry                                Analytical chemistry             Instrumental chemistry
     Physical chemistry                          Advance Anatomy                  Microbiology
     Pharmacy Technician
Comprehensive laboratory experiences.
      Recrystallization           Atomic Absorption spectroscopy            Rotational motion

      Extraction and washing        C-NMR Spectroscopy                    molecular symmetry
    Simple distillation           Sublimation technique              Statistical thermodynamics

    Vacuum distillation        Nebulizer Burner System            photo chemistry

    Fractional distillation      Flame AA                         Roman spectroscopy

    Steam distillation        Electro analytical chemistry       Visible and ultraviolet

    Reflux                    thermal analysis                   Molecular Spectroscopy

    Thin layer chromatography           conjugate dyes               Atomic Emission spectroscopy

    Wet-Column Chromatography             Computational chemistry                Atom and atomic spectro.

    Gas chromatography                   Optimization of Diatomic molecule           Mass Spectroscopy

    HP Liquid chromatography           Equilibrium                                   Absorption laws

    Refractometery                   Equilibrium Electro chemistry                 Methods of calibrations

    Infrared spectroscopy          Translation motion                              The FTNMR

    Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy          Optical system used in spectroscopy.

        Vibration motion           FTIR microscopy

   Biochemistry Department, University of Colorado
   Research student                                                                       Jan-Dec, 2005
   Carried out research work on the effects of Sodium artesunate and its co-administration with Vitamin E
   on superoxide dismutase activity, specifically worked with Rat’s Brain and Heart, used 40 rats, Alcyon
   300 and spectronic 20.

   Biochemistry Department, University of Colorado Denver
   Research student                                                                         Jan – June, 2005
   Analyzed the biochemical effects of Cyanide on mammalian systems such as mydriasis, epinephrine and
   histamine release, effects on cardiac output, lactic acidosis. Used titrimetric, colorimetric, automated UV,
   spectrophotometric, distillation and complexiometric methods of analysis.

   Chemical Pathology Department, University of Colorado Denver Hospital
   Intern/ Research Analyst                                                        Oct, 2004- Mar, 2005
   Involved in the analysis of serum glucose levels, estimation of serum cholesterol, total proteins in blood
   and serum, estimation of plasma uric acid, liver and renal function test, pregnancy and urine analysis,
   used different kinds of instruments such as Alcyon 300, Spectronic 20, and Flame photometer.

   Microbiology Department, University of Colorado
   Research student                                                                       Jan– Dec,2004
   Isolated and characterized Species of Fungi that are involved in the Spoilage of Bread, incubated breads
   from various locations under different conditions including direct atmospheric condition and room
   American Chemical Society                                                     National
   Student Member                                                     April, 2009- Present

   Association of Official Analytical Chemist                                      Global
   Student Member                                                     April, 2009- present

   CaridianBCT                                                             Lakewood, CO
   Medical Device assembler                                        April, 2008 –April2009

   Rite of Passage, Inc                                                       Watkins, CO
   Awake Night Staff                                               June, 2006- April, 2008

   Compucare Electronics                                                     Denver, CO
   Customer Service Representative                                     March –June, 2006

   Oncology Department cancer research at University of Colorado                   December
   08/2000 to 09 2010

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