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									               Newsletter No 33                                   September 2012

Welcome back to nursery. We hope you had a good summer. A big thank you to those parents who bought
staff presents last term. To all new parents welcome to our nursery. We hope your child enjoys their time
with us and you can be assured that we will do our best to ensure that they do.
Below are some details of the activities and events for this half term. The art theme this half term is
Colours. The morning art will incorporate Fruit while the afternoon art will have the Jungle Junction theme.

                               AM                                    PM

               Week 1          Red                                   Red
                    2          Green                                 Green
                    3          Blue                                  Blue
                    4          Yellow                                Yellow
                    5          Orange                                Pink
                    6          Purple                                Black & White
                    7          All colours                           All colours

We would love the children to get involved with this theme by bringing in something the colour of the week.
to put on our interest table or wearing something the colour of the week. Please encourage your children to

NEW EYFS This is now up and running. On our website ( you can see our updated policies
and procedures. A hard copy is available for you to borrow if you wish. Please ask a member of staff.

SCHOOL PLACES For those children going to school next September now is the time to start looking at
your local schools

OLDER CHILDREN will begin extra work after half term. They will also bring home weekly homework sheets
to be completed at home and returned to nursery (this is optional but in the past the children have enjoyed
completing these weekly sheets). A weekly reading book will also come home to read / look at with you. These
will be renewed each week.

DO YOU KNOW a contact for supplying paper/card cheaply or even better free or anyone who would be
able to do nursery photocopying cheap.

PIANO PLAYER Can you play the piano or know someone who can and would be willing to come in and play the
piano on our music sessions with the children. If so please let us know.

BIKE DAYS On these days your child has the opportunity to bring in their own bike, scooter or pram. If you
choose to bring in their own could you please name them. We do have plenty here for the children to use.
Should the weather be wet on these days they will be cancelled and re scheduled.
Here are the dates of our bike days this half term:-
                                                      Monday 17th September
                                                      Tuesday 2nd October
                                                      Wednesday 17th October
                                                      Thursday 25th October

BOOK PEOPLE BOOK CLUB Each half term we will send out a book club magazine. There are a variety of
books for all ages at very reasonable prices. We, as a nursery earn commission on any orders. With this
commission we are able to purchase new books for the nursery so please have a look.

BOOK BAGS For £5 you can purchase a book bag for your child. Children are able to put in all their work to
carry home. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to purchase one.

DOOR BELL AT NURSERY Please ring the bell if the front door is closed to get our attention. We cannot
always hear knocking on the door.

NURSERY RHYMES SHEET Please find attached details of the songs we will be singing with the children
this term. This is part of our ECAT programme. Children are encouraged to communicate in many ways.
Singing is one way that they enjoy. These songs will be sung in nursery every day and we would love for them
to practice them at home with you. Thank you.

                                      Dates for your diary

Little Urchin Photos – Tuesday 9th October and Wednesday 10th October.
Children will be photographed in session. For those children who do not attend on these days you are welcome
to bring them in to be photographed. Siblings are also welcome. Please let us know if you want to do this and
we will let you know a time.

Open Day - Tuesday 4th December.
This is a chance to meet your child’s key Person and see the activities that we do. Everyone is welcome. More
details to follow nearer the time

            LAST DAY OF THIS TERM :                          FRIDAY 26TH OCTOBER



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