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									                                                                                               Assessment &
  Lesson & Time             PLO(s)       Essential Understanding           Materials
2. Intro to Mime      - Identify         It is important for students   - Drama Diary     - Were they quiet
                      aspects of a       to understand mime is an       Assessment Sheets when they were
                      dramatic work      aspect of theatre. The                           miming?
Time: 40 min          that evoke a       difference between an
                      response           actor an a mime artist is                          - Were they using
                                         that the mime artist does                          their body language
                      - Use drama        not his/her voice. Because                         when they were
                      structures to tell of that, the body language                         miming the story
                      stories            is very important to show                          that I told them …
                                         the audience the setting
                      - Demonstrates and the feeling.                                       - Drama Diary
                      the ability to                                                        Sheets
                      provide and

                                                          Activities / Tasks
   (SWBAT …)

- use their body      INTRODUCTION (10-15 min)
language to             - Mime the following story (be very obvious with gestures)
demonstrate the             o Get up from bed – still tired (look sleepy)
mood and the                o Brush teeth
setting of the mime         o Go to kitchen
artist                      o Drink some milk and cut up a slice of bread
                            o Start to eat a bread and accidentally spill milk
- Differentiate             o Wipe up the spill with an imaginary wash cloth
between a mime                       If students start to talk, pretend they are a radio. Turn volume down
artist and an actor
                        -    Ask and discuss with students the following questions
                                o What did I do?
                                o Where was I?
                                o What were my feelings?
                                o What time of the day was it?
                                o How did you know the above answers?

                        -    Tell students that this is called Mime: - You act but you do not use your voice

                        -    Do the mime game with the class (give the compliments through out – ie. good
                             body language, I like that you are visualizing the object, …(10 min)
                                o Walking along (Bright / sunny day – cover your hands in front of your
                                o Ball Juggling, put your ball down
                                o Wall – explore the wall
                                o Try to push the wall over – it is heavy, go the other way
       o   Get board, go back ….. ( hear a sound from the wall)
       o   Turn around and see a small door in the wall. Duck and squeeze through
       o   Other side you find a box
       o   You pick the box up -> up to them to determine the size of the box
       o   Box is growing and becomes heavy to carry
       o   Put the box down and unwrap the box
       o   Out comes a puppy on a leash
       o   Take the dog out for a walk … dog is growing
       o   Dog sees ball and runs after it. You try to stop the dog, but the dog is too
           strong. DON”T LET GO OF THE LEASH!!!
       o   Dog looses sight of ball and gets tired
       o   all the sudden you see the cute butterfly.
       o   Tie dog on a tree stump and catch butter fly
       o   You catch the butterfly and look at it.
       o   While looking at it, the butterfly turns into liquid and disappears into your
       o   You become very stiff
       o   The dog thinks it is funny and starts licking you all over
       o   Whatever body part is being licked by the dog becomes movable again
       o   Once you can move all your limbs, the butterfly appears again and hovers
       o   You are grateful to the dog and pet it
       o   You want to go home because you are getting tired
       o   Untie the dog from the leash and go back to the box
       o   Put the dog back in the box
       o   Start going towards the wall -> ground turns to jellow
       o   Big snowstorm is appearing (it is very cold and very windy)
                 You barely can see the wall)
       o   Finally you reach the small door in the wall
       o   Crouch through it
       o   Enjoy the warm sun as you slowly walk back to the classroom

-   Discuss the above game (5 min)
       o What was it like for you?
       o Did you have fun? What was the best part?
       o What was hard for you?
       o Specifically compliment them on:
                They were quite
                Used body language well
                       ie. Crouched through the small door
                       jellowy ground
                       Expression of being tired
                Used space well

-   What was the difference between my miming game and your miming game?
      o Mine was based on reality
      o Students was based on fantasy

-   How is this related to theatre?
      o What is the difference between actors and mime-artists?
  - Hand out the drama diary sheet and ask students to fill it out
  - Clean up and dismissal

  - Play ‘Guess the space’ game

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