The Power of PowerPoint by gHsIuT


									Interactive Study Guide:

The Power of PowerPoint                          Humans process visuals ___________ times
                                                 faster than text.
   Think words on handout; images on screen
                                                 Words are processed _______________;
   Presentations Magazine says ____ million     images are processed _______________.
    PowerPoints given daily.                     (keyboard vs. camera)

How many are truly effective???                  Stroop Test Example

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words                       It’s not just about the image….it’s about
   Dove “Evolution” Commercial                     Color evokes responses and contributes to
Drawing on Experience
                                                 Reading through Images
Draw a Hot Dog.
                                                    Color visuals increase willingness to read by
                                                     up to ____%.

                                                 Motivation and Participation

Hot Diggity Dog                                     Color can increase participation and
                                                     motivation by up to ___%.
   “We don’t see things as they are; we see
    them as we are.” ---Anaïs Nin                Learning and Retention

   Words are ______; Images are _________.         Color enhances learning and improves
                                                     retention by more than ___%.
Drawing on Experience
                                                 Apple vs. PC
Draw an Okapi.
                                                    Using color in advertising outsells black and
                                                     white ads by ____%.

                                                 Think about IPods…Apple was among the first
   Words can only ___________ images we         to introduce products in colors!)
    have already seen.” ---Lynell Burmark
                                                 Color Power

Images and Learning                                 Color as a carrier or information (seasons,
                                                     mood, age, etc.)

Exercise: Name the characters in Family Guy:     Colors

                                                    Most Americans say their favorite color is
Exercise: Name the characters in Jersey Shore:
                                                    Of all the 16.7 million colors the human eye
                                                     can see, it will go to _______ first. So if you
                                                     plant daffodils outside your home, it will sell
Exercise: Name 5 amendments to the Bill of           _____ weeks faster.
                                                    ____ used in combination with _____ will
                                                     get even more attention than either color
Interactive Study Guide:

Type: The Unconscious Persuader                   Dodging Bullets

   You may not always remember the font             ______ capture and hold the attention of the
    name you use, but you will remember how it        audience better than bullets.
    made you feel.
   _________ is the second most commonly         Don’t Be That Guy…
    used typeface in the U.S.                      Be thoughtful with transitions/sounds!

Type: Emotional and Situational                   How Much is Too Much?

   “Sometimes it’s not just what you say, but       The rule of thumb is ____ X _____.
    how you say it.”                                 Too much text is a No-No!
   Examples: FedEx logo, business cards,
    ransom note.                                  They Snooze, You Lose

                                                     Presentations should be captivating and
Serif vs. Sans Serif                                  entertaining!
                                                     Even if the topic is serious, the presenter
The most common Serif Font is _____________           has to incorporate images, color, humor,
The most common Sans Serif Font is                    and elements that will make their audience
________________                                      think...recall…remember…
                                                     Be creative. Use comics, images, kid’s
Which font style is best for PowerPoints/screen       illustrations to make your points heard and
presentations? ___________                            retained.

Which is best for printed materials?

Font Size Matters…

   For printed and web-based text, you
    shouldn’t really go smaller than _____text.
   For PowerPoints, the minimum font size is
    usually _____.

The WORST Thing You Can Do

   You will remember a photograph more than
    simply by reading a paragraph on the same
   The best type of learning occurs when
    images and words are used in combination.

I Don’t Have a Short Attention Span…

   The average time a slide should be on
    screen is ___ to ____ seconds.
   The average attention span of an audience
    is ____ minutes!

Think about television…we can usually last 30
minutes….but why? _____________________

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