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					  Wintouch eCRM

A Customer Relationship Management
   Solution designed specifically
    for AS/400 or iSeries Users
Wintouch® eCRM
Comprehensive, Enterprise Customer
Relationship Management solution specifically
designed for the IBM iSeries 400

   Browser-based
   Web-enables green screen applications
   Easily integrates with AS/400 systems
   Affordable
   Highly customizable
           Wintouch eCRM

1.   Quick “green screen” access
2.   Web browser access to Wintouch and AS/400 data
3.   Highly customizable

     Useful for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project
     Management, Asset Management, Supply Chain
     Management, Purchasing, HR, Channel Management,
       Wintouch eCRM
How it Works:
1. Wintouch eCRM Runs on your AS/400 Server
2. Users Access Wintouch eCRM on an Internet
3. Client (Windows-like) screens launch in a Java
   Applet or as an Application
4. All Data is stored on the AS/400
         Wintouch eCRM
1.    Easy, secure access to Wintouch & AS/400 data using any web
      browser. Options include:
        Connected to the network at the office
        From home or a hotel via a dial up line
        Connected via cellular connection
        Disconnected using “Wintouch Lite” with remote sync
2.    Critical Data Sharing
        Pulls data from existing AS/400 applications
        Automatically populates fields in other AS/400 applications
3.    Highly customizable at user and departmental levels
        Multiple levels of security determined by administrator
        Customize by “Account Type” (i.e. Vendors, Partners, Customers)
        Easily add fields for new data or import from your ERP systems
User’s To Do List: Daily Activities
Switch to Weekly Activities View
Switch to Monthly Activities View
Account Summary: Customer

                                             Tie Wintouch into your existing
                                             Customer Master File

                                                                Imported data from
                                                                back-end or ERP
                                                                systems to help close
 Last and Next Activities for this account
Different Account Type: Vendor
             Easily Customize Any Screen

Drag and Drop new fields into any Wintouch
eCRM screens with the “Customize” button to
have data you need at your fingertips.
Extended Profile: Sales Opportunity Profile
Extended Profile: Sales by Supplier
Extended Profile: Sales by Product Category
Extended Profile: Customer Service & Incident Log
Extended Profile: Interests & Hobbies
Integration to MS Word for Mail-Merged Documents
“AS/400 Green Screen” Emulation
                   The emulator icon at the account toolbar
                   (red arrow) can take you directly to the
                   AS/400 page you want to be on, using our
                   5250 script development tool
                 Extensive Search Capabilities
                                   Choose the Criteria

                                       Fill in or Choose the Data Element

                                                         Tabs can easily be added
                                                         to enable searches on
Account (red arrow) or                                   your most important data
Contact (blue arrow)                                     elements
searches are easy
        Reporting: Group Definition to Exportable Reports

Add multiple criteria

                        Use pre-defined templates
                        or customize report layout   Export to a variety of formats
E-mail blasts from data/market segment reports
                                          Insert WT field contents into e-
                     Use HTML Templates   mail subject line
              Completed Activities by User

View activities completed by staff members to address performance issues or assure good customer care.
Numerous User/Group Definable Preferences
User Security Settings & Pull-Down Menu Editing is Easy

                              Control security access by any Wintouch user

                  add, change or delete menu items
                In Conclusion:
  The tools you use
  determine how well
  you do the job.
• Do you have the tools you
• Do they work with your
  current system?
• Are you growing revenue and
  cutting costs?

            Wintouch eCRM

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