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  Jan 2011
Professional Accountancy Today

   Increasingly, clients demand international
   capabilities from their advisors

   [Enter your firm name] provides this
   through its independent membership of
   Baker Tilly International
What is Baker Tilly International?

    A worldwide network of premier independent
    accountancy and business advisory firms

    Baker Tilly International Limited
     • A UK company limited by guarantee
     • Owned by its members, all of whom hold an equal
       interest in the legal entity
     • A member services organisation
     • Does not provide any auditing or accounting services
Baker Tilly International’s Mission

    The mission of Baker Tilly International is
    to operate a network whose members
    deliver, with integrity and objectivity,
    superior independent audit, accounting,
    tax and financial services to clients
    through global resources and
Baker Tilly International’s Vision

    To be widely recognised as a global network
    of closely aligned, premier, independent
    accounting firms serving leading national and
    global organisations.
    This recognition will reflect the quality, broad
    intellectual capabilities, depth of talent,
    specialised industry expertise, integrity and
    stature of our member firms.
    Collaboration will enable our member firms to
    prosper with a unique, sustainable
    competitive advantage in their markets.
The Baker Tilly International Values

    Members firms
      •Lead by example
      •Deliver a quality service with an emphasis on integrity
      •Are open and honest in all communications
      •Act ethically
      •Foster teamwork and collaboration with other member
      •Maintain a supportive environment in which their
      individuals can flourish
Baker Tilly International Today

    8th largest network in the world by combined

    150 independent member firms in 120
    countries worldwide

    25,000 people in 610 offices
    US$3.07bn – the combined revenue of the
    independent member firms
Global Reach

North America       Latin America        Europe, Middle East and Africa                      Asia Pacific
Bahamas             Argentina            Albania          Isle of Man       Oman             Australia
Belize              Brazil               Algeria          Israel            Poland           Bangladesh
Bermuda             Chile                Andorra          Italy             Portugal         Cambodia
                                         Armenia          Ivory Coast       Qatar            China
British Virgin      Colombia
                                         Austria          Jersey (Channel   Romania          Hong Kong
Islands             Costa Rica
                                         Azerbaijan       Islands)          Russia           India
Canada              Dominican Republic
                                         Belgium          Jordan            Saudi Arabia     Indonesia
Cayman Islands      Ecuador              Belarus          Kazakhstan        Senegal
Netherlands         El Salvador                                                              Japan
                                         Bulgaria         Kenya             Serbia           Korea
Antilles            Guatemala            Cameroon         Kuwait            Slovakia         Macau
Puerto Rico         Mexico               Croatia          Latvia            South Africa     Malaysia
Trinidad & Tobago   Panama               Cyprus           Lebanon           Spain            Maldives
United States       Paraguay             Czech Republic   Libya             Sudan            Mauritius
                    Uruguay              Denmark          Liechtenstein     Sweden           Mongolia
                    Venezuela            Egypt            Lithuania         Switzerland      Nepal
                                         Estonia          Luxembourg        Tanzania         New Zealand
                                         Finland          Macedonia (FYR)   Tunisia          Pakistan
                                         France           Madagascar        Turkey           Philippines
                                         Georgia          Malta             UAE              Seychelles
                                         Germany          Moldova           Uganda           Singapore
                                         Gibraltar        Morocco           Ukraine          Sri Lanka
                                         Greece           The Netherlands   United Kingdom   Taiwan
                                         Hungary          Nigeria           Uzbekistan       Thailand
                                         Iraq             Norway            Zambia           Vietnam
                                         Ireland                            Zimbabwe
How Does the Network Operate?

   All client services are delivered regionally
   and nationally by member firms

   Each member is a separate and
   independent legal entity and not an agent
   of Baker Tilly International
How Does Baker Tilly International Operate?

    International board of directors

    Governed by bye-laws

    Headquartered in London

    Cost of co-ordinating the network is funded by
    member firms
     • Budget not profit based

    Total income/expenditure: US$4.8m
Structure and Governance

    Board of directors
                                 Regional advisory
    Chairman                     councils            Independent member
    CEO                                              firms

    Strategies and           Development and         Service delivery
       policies          worldwide implementation
                                of strategy
Membership Benefits

    Ability to offer clients an international service

    Access to an international skills base

    A global perspective

    An established staff secondment programme

    Leadership development initiatives

    Business development opportunities
Membership Benefits

   Technical resources
    • Optional audit methodology
    • IFRS task force/disclosure checklist/full text
    • Accounting Research Manager database
    • Training
    • International committees and working groups
    • Skills directory

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