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                              Valley Publishing Company
                      Prepaid Accounts, Investments and Securities

        I reviewed the Prepaid Insurance, Prepaid Rent, Investment, and Securities Count
accounts for accuracy in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the
United States of America. The reviews included examining workpapers, and Insurance
conformations from Langdon and Sons. The audit included assessing the accounting
principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the
overall financial statements; I believe that the statements provided a reasonable basis for
our opinion.
        I review and compared the workpapers to voucher and confirmations. I cross
checked these number with the trial balances and last years audit. I also check that the
account were being used for the items in the investment accounts.
        It is my opinion that there was a misstatement in the Investment account (see AJE
#9) because the land that was set up as investment to put a building on later has now
becomes the new building location. GAAP now require companies to do a mark to
market on any stocks that are held by the company (see AJE #8). There is a low level of
risk associated with the prepaid Accounts, Investments and Securities. In my opinion the
financial statements referred to above present fairly, all material respects, the finical
position of Valley Publishing Company as of December 31, 20x2.
                                                                     Judy Beebe & Company
                                                               Certified Public Accountants

                                                                              Alissa Indra

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