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					                        DICK KENDALL
Dick started his professional comedy career in the early 80’s at Houston’s
Comedy Workshop with the likes of Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison and T. Shaun
                          Shannon of SNL fame.

 He dropped out of the professional scene in the early 90’s but continued to
 do charity shows and talent nights on cruise ships. One of the talent night
  shows got him a paid gig on Norwegian Cruise Lines in 2002 and he has
    been back performing on cruise ships and comedy clubs ever since.

 Performing Phil Harris skits and taking notes on Bob Hope shows as a kid
and entertaining groups in high school and college prepared him for comedy.
A live TV talk show, training and public speaking throughout his career as a
 banker and sales training consultant kept him always in front of audiences.

 His stint as a professional comic during the 80’s improved his training and
  speaking immensely but his first love was always stand-up. His book,
 “Nobody Told Me I’d Have To Sell,” published in ’96, gave him national
                      recognition as a speaker and trainer.

With that background, Dick’s easy style on stage gives the audience a feel of
       having had a wonderful evening of laughter with an old friend.

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