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1     Inclusiveness Strategy Statement

      Motherwell College is committed to equality of opportunity for all
      learners and a continual development of a proactive inclusive
      approach to promote and enable access to learning

The college is committed to meeting its legal obligations. Further
details of current legislation, acts and guidelines can be obtained from
the college website


      The strategy is developed from four main principles:

      i        ensuring that the learner is at the centre of all learning and
               support provision;

      ii       minimising barriers to participation and recognising and
               supporting individual needs;

      iii      taking into account the importance of partnerships both
               internal and external to maximise learner achievement;

      iv       embedding an inclusive approach in the culture of the
               organisation at all levels;

2     What you can expect from the college

          Always a welcome to all potential learners who will find
          themselves placed at the centre of all learning and our support

          College staff -
             Listen and positively respond to learners
             Work to minimise barriers to participation
              Recognise, respect and support each individuals’ needs
              Have designed learning activities which enable learners’
              Foster the fulfilment and development of learner goals.

        We continually work with internal and external partners to
        prepare learners for future challenges in learning and

        We create a learning culture/community where all members are
        valued and respect each individual and look out for others.

    3      What we expect from our learners

              Treat others with respect and tolerance

              Value other people’s views as yours

              Think about the impact of your actions on others

              Other people have the right to their opinions even if you
               don’t agree with them.

    4      How the college works towards these goals

        The college works towards achieving these goals through the
        annual operational plan taking account of local and national
        initiatives and current legislation including Disclosure Scotland.
        We therefore reserve the right to exclude or refuse entry to
        individuals who may compromise the college’s position as a safe

4       Monitoring and Evaluation

        The progress of the college status towards achieving an inclusive
        college will be monitored and evaluated through various college
        quality assurance activities including Single Equality Scheme,
        strategic and operational plan and also by HMIe who quality
        assure all colleges throughout Scotland.

        Dec 2009

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