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									30 Second Live-Read Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) Scripts


Important changes are occurring in [community name] that may affect you. The local government,
along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has just completed an update to area Flood
Insurance Rate Maps. Now, all property owners will have up-to-date, reliable and Internet-accessible
information about their flood risk.

While everyone in [community name] is at some risk for flooding, many property owners will find that
their risk has changed. To learn more about the new maps and how you and your property may be
affected, visit [enter URL] or call [local call center or contact phone #]. New maps mean a safer

Open: [County/Community name] residents and business owners — new [preliminary] Flood Insurance
Rate Maps are here. Property owners can learn more about the maps and their flood risk online at
[enter URL] and by attending one of [total #] public meetings.
The next meeting is at [location, date, time — e.g., Riverview High School on Tuesday, November 8, at

Tag: Everyone in [community name] is at some risk for flooding, and your flood risk may have
changed. Be prepared. Understand how map changes affect you. This public service message is
brought to you by [county/community name] Government.

*Note: Version #2 is specifically designed to announce local meetings about map changes. If
meetings will be held in your area, encourage local radio stations to air both this version and version
#1 in a mixed rotation. If no meetings in your community are planned, have stations use version #1


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