August 2012

   CORNWALL                                         Our Place on the Internet
                                                 Sorrow & Jubilation
           Chairman’s Letter                              CALH Autumn Conference

CALH NEEDS YOU! As Kitchener might               Aspects of Cornish history you probably never
have said.                                         thought about before – come and enjoy.

At the committee meeting on 5 July a long
discussion took place concerning the several
officer positions that would need to be filled           “The women ‘left behind’
at the AGM in February 2013.                     during 19th century migration from
There have been repeated efforts to warn         Cornwall”
members that without nominations for the                                     – Lesley Trotter
posts of chairman, vice-chairman (at present
vacant) editor and events secretaries, they
would no longer be filled after the AGM.                  “A lesson in the singing of
There is also a need for new committee           ‘Trelawny”
members.                                                         - Janet Harling, assisted by
Membership of CALH stands at 184 plus
                                                                         Marilyn Thompson
corporate members. How many of you have
served on the committee or as officers?               “And shall Trelawny die?” – a
If no nominations for officer posts are           background to the Cornish anthem
received by the secretary by 1 September                                      - Carole Vivian
2012 then the membership of CALH will at
the AGM next year need seriously to
consider the Association’s constitutional
requirements for its survival.                          “The Jubilee Rock: Blisland’s
Without an editor for the journal there will     celebration of the Golden Jubilee of
be no journal; without events secretaries no     King George III in October 1810”
events days and no February conference.                        - Arthur Ludgate, Chairman
Members will therefore have to address why
they are paying their subscriptions and more                        Blisland Parish Council
importantly what more active roles they can
and must play in the Association in order                    Kilbirnie Hotel
for it to survive.                                        Narrowcliff Road, Newquay
                                Your Chairman           Saturday 20 October 2012
                                Colin Edwards                 10:30 – 4:00
                             (01872) 501-727         (Booking form enclosed and on-line)
                                                            Book by 13 October
         Or Shall CALH Die?                                Design of New CRO

To paraphrase our Cornish anthem, it really       Cornwall Council is in the midst of decision
is the question – Shall CALH live? Or shall       making on a new consolidated Record
CALH die?                                         Office and Cornish Studies Library.
The answer is not up to 20,000 Cornishfolk,
but to each of the nearly 200 of you who are      Local historians should make sure they are
members of this association.                      fully informed of what is being planned.

For years now, the association has survived       Wherever the new location, the design of
and prospered because a hand-full of people       the new building will be the most important
stepped up time and again to take the             issue.
important – but certainly not arduous –
tasks of making it work.                          Colin Edwards suggests we all ask questions
                                                  such as the following:
But now we face the possibility that next
year there will be no Chairman, no Vice-          Will there be genuine consultation (not
Chairman, no Events Secretary, and no             merely information gathered) of users in the
Journal Editor.                                   design and use of the new building?

Without people to fill these posts, the           Will the priorities of the new building be
Committee may be forced to wind up                fully related to depositors and users?
                                                  Will opening hours be extended or will the
The decision is up to YOU!                        new offices still close one week in four?

                                                  What will be the relationship between
                                                  production of original documents and use
    New Journal Editor Needed                     of surrogates (film, fiche, etc.)?

The next issue of the CALH Journal in the         What copying facilities will be available on-
autumn will be my last one (says Editor Pam       line or by post? (Postage cost is up, will
Lomax), so it is important that we find a         copying costs rise too?)
new editor.
                                                  Is there a list of which catalogues are or are
The job entails collecting material from          not on-line?
members to publish, minimal editing (the
advice to contributors is in the back of the      Will the present a2as and crocat sites be
journal) and setting the document out for         made more user friendly?”
                                                  Has the future likely accrual of records been
I use Word to do this and convert the             fully investigated?
document to PDF file for the printer. I am
sure there are many other ways of doing it.
                                                       WRENS at Antony House
I think the new editor should be free to
change the style of the Journal and its layout    Member Elizabeth Nethercott, who assists
to fit their own practices.                       at the National Trust’s Antony House, is
                                                  looking to contact any WREN who may
There are templates for the covers, but I         have been billeted there during WW2. She is
expect it would be easier for a new editor to     looking for letters, photographs or
redesign these.                                   remembrances of those who lived or spent
                                   Pam Lomax      time there during the war. If you can assist,
                                 Journal Editor   contact her at: 32 Maker Rd., Torpoint,
                                                  PL11 2HY, (01752) 812-567.
  Study Days, Conferences, AGM                  Cornish Studies-CRO Live History
The last CALH study day of the year will be     The Cornwall Record Office and the
at Pensilva near Liskeard on 1st September.     Cornish Studies Library continue to
                                                encourage children and adults to get
Our Events Secretaries, Hillary & John          involved with Cornwall’s history through
Ballard, say the first three days – at          activities, exhibitions and talks. In
Portscatho & Gerrans, St Hilary and             conjunction with volunteers Ian and Shirley
Lostwithiel – were very successful. Reports     Clarke, the Archive Service has developed
on them will be in the Autumn Journal.          an exhibition called ‘Discover Cornwall’s
                                                Sporting Heritage’, which will run at the
The autumn conference 20th October is           Cornwall Centre from Thursday 2nd August
detailed on the first page and booking forms    until Saturday 1st September.’
are enclosed and on-line.
                                                The exhibition is part of the Cornish
The 2013 Spring Conference and AGM will         Archives Network and Cornwall’s Museum
be held 2nd and 3rd February at the Kilbirnie   Group’s project to celebrate sporting history
Hotel, Newquay. The theme will be “Crime        in Cornwall. It will focus on sports such as
and Punishment in Cornwall.” Any member         wrestling, rugby, cricket, hurling and, more
researching any aspect of this subject area     surprisingly, bowling! The exhibition will
will be welcome to share findings at the        include documents from the CRO’s
conference as the programme has not yet         collection and highlight the George Ellis
been finalised.                                 collection of photographs held at the
                                                Cornish Studies Library.
Please contact Hilary ASAP if you can offer
anything. Tel: (01726) 61206 or e-mail:         Mr Ellis, a photographer for the Cornish                           Guardian newspaper, was working in
                                                Cornwall from 1939 to the 1970s. He took
Full details and booking forms will be          thousands of photographs during his career
available on our website as soon as plans are   including many images of sporting events,
completed ( Printed copies      fixtures and teams. His action images are
will be sent with the Autumn Journal.           excellent and examples of these have been
                                                selected to complement the exhibition.

          CRO Closing Days                      To tie in with the exhibition, there will be a
                                                children’s art event with celebrated Dandy
The new opening hours have been in effect       and Beano cartoonist, Nick Brennan, on
since January and the additional closed days    Thursday 2nd August from 10.30 to 12.00.
have had an impact on visitor numbers. But      Nick will demonstrate his cartoon skills
the quantity of documents being viewed has      based on our sporting images.              The
not gone down.                                  workshop is free, but pre-booking is
                                                strongly recommended.
During the closed days, the teams have been                                    Deborah Tritton
working hard to accession new collections,                           Archives Services Manager
catalogue, stock-check and process, copy                                            Kim Cooper
and research orders. They have also been                                       Senior Librarian
rationalising the strongroom areas with the
intention of squeezing out a fraction more
space.                                                 National Archive Prices
Despite their efforts, accommodating new        The National Archives has adjusted many of
records and books will continue to be a         its prices – most up, but some down. Digital
challenge until we achieve our plans for the    downloads have gone from £3.50 to £3.36
new building to be selected in September.       for example. But others have risen. Check:
Further information is available on the
Council’s website       ry-of-costs.pdf
      CALH Calendar of Events                          Victorian History of Cornwall
27 August (Mon) – Deadline to Book for                 3 September (Mon) – “Imagining 20th
Study Day to Pensilva. (Form & details                 Century Cornwall: A.L.Rowse and John
on-line at: Space available.           Betjeman” – Prof. Philip Payton, free,
                                                       donations welcome, 7 pm, Tremough
1 September (Sat) – CALH Study Day to                  campus
Pensilva near Liskeard within the Caradon
World Heritage site. Meet 10:15
                                                             Cornish Studies Institute
1 September (Sat) – Autumn Journal                     Details & Booking, Dr. Gary Tregidga, (01326) 372-
Deadline –                                      888 or

11 October (Thurs) – CALH Committee                    14 September (Fri) - The future of Cornish
meeting – 4:45 pm, CRO, Truro                          Studies. Speakers include John Ault, Merv
                                                       Davey and Chloe Phillips. Current research
13 October (Sat) – Deadline to Book for                & possible directions. Tremaugh campus.
Autumn Conference – Details & form on-
line at:                               13 October (Sat) - Conference on
                                                       "Cornish Politics: Past and Present," -
20 October (Sat) – CALH Autumn                         Cornish Studies Centre, Redruth
Conference – “Sorrow and Jubilation.” –
10:30 am, Kilbirnie Hotel, Newquay
                                                              Cornwall Record Office
8 November (Thurs) – CALH Committee                    7-10 August, 4-7 September, 2-5 October,
meeting – 4:45 pm, CRO, Truro                          6-9 November, 4-7 December (Tues-Fri) –
                                                       Weeks record office is CLOSED due to
2-3 February 2013 (Sat-Sun) – CALH AGM                 budget cuts
& Spring Conference – “Crime &
Punishment” – Details and booking on-                  18 August, 15 September, 13 October, 17
line when available.                                   November, 15 December (Sats) – Saturdays
                                                       record office is OPEN 10 am to 1 pm

  Cornwall Historical Association
All lectures in Council Chambers, County Hall, Truro
                    - start at 7 pm
                                                       Cornish Studies Centre (Redruth)
28 October (Fri) - "Jaco" and "Blondie"
                                                       2 August – 1 September (Thurs-Sat) –
go to Perranporth: The RAF and Free
                                                       Discover Cornwall’s Sporting Heritage –
French Airmen 1940-45 - Dr Harry
                                                       An exhibition by CRO & CSC
Bennett (University of Plymouth)
                                                       2 August (Thurs) – Get SpARTy –
25 November (Fri) - Use Your Hands for                 Children’s art workshop with cartoonist
Happiness: Home Craft and Make-do-                     Nick Brennan inspired by sporting images
and-Mend in British Women's                            10:30 am to 12 noon (pre-booking)
Magazines in the 1920s and 1930s - Dr
Fiona Hackney (U. College, Falmouth)                   17-29 September (Mon-Sat) – Cornish
Preceded by AGM at 6:30 pm                             Mining Landscapes – Exhibition by local
                                                       artist Yvonne Carter

                                                       22 October – 3 November (Mon-Sat) –
Newsletter Editor: Robert Lyle                         Witchcraft in Cornwall – An exhibition
                                                       3 – 29 December (Mon-Sat) – A Cornish
                                                       Christmas – An exhibition

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