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									                               Bay Port Wrestling Club
                                Scholarship Application
     Purpose: - To provide financial support for seniors who graduate from Bay Port High
                 School and plan on continuing their education post high school
               - To recognize student athletes that have actively participated in the sport of

     Established by:      The Bay Port Wrestling Club (2003)

Application Requirements

     Diploma:       Bay Port High School, graduating with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5

     Enrollment:       Full-time enrollment at a public or private college, university, or tech/trade

     Athletic Code Violations:        You will not be eligible for this scholarship if you have had
                                      any athletic code violations

     Financial Need:      No

     Wrestling Background:           Must have participated in the wrestling program at Bay Port
                                     High School. Active volunteer work by the applicant
                                     within the Bay Port Wrestling Club will receive special
                                     attention. You do not have to plan on wrestling in college.

Award Received

     Tuition & Fees: One scholarship of $500 will be awarded along with multiple smaller
     scholarships depending on the quality of the applicants.
     Method: A check will be issued after the completion of your first semester and you must
     have a minimum G.P.A of 2.0. A copy of your first semester grades must be mailed to the
     wrestling club for proper processing of the scholarship check. Also, your 1st semester must
     be completed within two years of your high school graduation date.

Application Requirements

     Deadline:       April 5, 2012

     Send To:       Bay Port High School Student Services

     Include: Complete the attached application form

     Selected By:      The board members from the Bay Port Wrestling Club will review the
                       applications and select the recipients of the scholarship awards.
                              Bay Port Wrestling Club
                                Scholarship Application
Complete the application form and return it to student services by: April 5, 2012

City:______________________________           State________        Zip__________________
Intended field of study:________________________________________________________
College/University/Trade School planning to attend:_________________________________

   (This information must be completed and initialed by Student Services)
GPA:___________          Class Rank/out of:_____________           ACT Score:___________

Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper, typed and organized by
the corresponding number, and include it with this application form.
   1. Describe your past wrestling involvement, including youth through high school wrestling.
      Describe any participation in volunteer activities, youth tournaments, and other club events.

   2. In what ways has wrestling helped you?

   3. List any awards and honors you have achieved, both in wrestling and other activities.

   4. Describe the extracurricular and community activities you have been involved with.

   5. Please give a statement about yourself, and tell us why you feel that you are deserving of
      this scholarship.

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