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Notes for Speak pages 14 � 39 by HC121109045618


									                                 Speak Notes
First Marking Period (pp. 1-46)

Welcome to Merriweather High
   She is nervous – feels sick
   Gets on bus – friends won’t talk with her
   Mascot for school has been changed – from Trojans to Blue Devils
   Freshmen have meeting – everyone is in cliques
         o Nicole – Jocks
         o Ivy – between Suffering Artists and the Thespians (actors)
         o Rachel – with fashionable kids
   Sees her best friend Rachel
         o Says she would like to tell Rachel what really happened
         o Rachel mouths, “I hate you”
   Mr. Neck
         o Tells Rachel to sit down
         o Her Social Studies teacher
   Another “wounded zebra” (Heather) sits next to narrator
   Hairwoman – Her English teacher

    In cafeteria – noone to sit with
    Hit with potato and gravy  bolts for the door
    Encounters Mr. Neck who asks her what’s going on  she says nothing  he
       says she is trouble

Sanctuary – place of peace/safety/serenity
    “art follows lunch like dreams follow nightmares”  loves art
    Meets Mr. Freeman – weird art teacher
         o Talks about art
                   You’ll find your soul
                   Allows you to breathe
         o Has students pick a piece of paper out of a broken globe – whatever they
              pick will be their subject for all their art
                   Narrator picks “tree”

    Teacher says she will speak no English during the year
        o Amusing – funny
        o Useful – makes it easier to ignore her
    No one understands her
   Melinda continues to get bullied
       o Bumped in halls
       o Books ripped from arms and thrown to floor
   Family communicates by notes
   Mom - works at Effert’s (clothing store)
       o brave for working in city
       o having staff problems
   Melinda’s room doesn’t reflect who she is – shows her in 5th grade.
   Can’s stop biting her lips – takes down mirror puts in back of closet

Our Fearless Leader
   Melinda hides in bathroom
   Principal seems clueless – Daffy Duck when Bugs is pulling a fast one

Fizz Ed
    “Gym should be illegal. It is humiliating.”
    Nicole (old group – never close) is in her gym class
        o Good at sports
        o Doesn’t mind changing in public
        o Friendly – talks to Heather (new girl)

    Rachel now goes by Rachelle – hangs out with foreign exchange students – no
      longer best friends with Melinda
    Rachelle ignores Melinda
    Melinda – “I need a friend, period.”

    Heather wants Melinda to join clubs. She wants to be liked by other students and
      wants to fit in.
    Heather talks about having goals. Melinda realizes she is nothing like Heather
    Melinda wants to go home and take a nap – depressed?

    Melinda’s English teacher (Hairwoman) forces her to make up missed
      assignments. Melinda is late for study hall in library.
    While avoiding Mr. Neck who is tracking Melinda down for homework, she finds
      an old janitor’s closet. She makes this her hide out spot.
    Melinda steals a pad of late passes from Hairwoman’s desk  feels much better.
Devils Destroy
    Melinda wants to avoid the pep rally but Heather finds her and drags her in.
    Reader learns that Melinda called the cops during a summer party and lots of
       people got in trouble.
    Melinda is physically bullied during the pep rally
          o Girl jams her knees into Melinda’s back
          o Another girl yanks her hair

    Melinda talks about the cheerleaders and their place in the social scene in high
      school. She notices how pretty they are and how perfect their lips are
         o Universe 1 – gorgeous; teachers smile them; pride of the Blue Devils
         o Universe 2 – parties wild enough for college students; get abortions before
              the prom
    Accidentally pushed down three rows of bleachers.

The Opposite of Inspiration is…Expiration?
    Paints pictures of trees hit by lightning – trees nearly dead
    Mr. Freeman talks about how the school board cut his budget.
    Struggling with her tree.

    Goes to Heather’s house on Columbus Day
    Learning to smile when people expect it.
    Heather’s room reflects who she is – very organized. She wants to be in the
    Melinda reflects that she is a good actor – knows how to react appropriately, even
       though she doesn’t feel it.
    Heather vents her frustration that she can’t be accepted in the high school and
       then apologizes to Melinda for yelling at her.
    Melinda pours nail polish remover on carpet  lightens polish spill and bleaches
    Leaves without saying goodbye.

Dinner Theater
    Progress reports came out and Melinda’s parents are not happy.
    Melinda does not explain or talk back  goes to her room
    Parents continue to fight

Blue Roses
    Mrs. Keen is Bio teacher. They are using microscopes and studying cells.
    David Petrakis is Melinda’s lab partner. He is super smart and potentially cute
Student Divided By Confusion Equals Algebra
    Mr. Stetman is Algebra teacher – seems nice
    Melinda is not good in Algebra – she can’t understand it.
    Rachelle has to help Melinda with a problem on the board
    Melinda keeps biting her lips out of embarrassment and nervousness.

    Parents decided M is too old for trick-or-treating  she’s thrilled
    Reminisces about past fun Halloweens
    Rachel is having party; Heather is walking with little kids
    Settles into bed with book

Name Name Name
   Now school name is Merryweather Tigers
   Kids in Spanish call her “Me-no-linda” – Linda means pretty
   Says this is how terrorists get started – this kind of harmless fun

The Marthas
    Heather found clan – the Marthas
         o expensive cliché – coordinated, season-appropriate outfits
         o big on helping – charitable activities
         o Heather’s first assignment is to decorate the faculty lounge
         o One of the Marthas remark about Melinda, saying “she’s creepy; what’s
            wrong with her lips? It looks like she’s got a disease…”
         o Melinda hides in bathroom, crying  feels like a slick nothing

    “I see IT in the hallway.”
    “Good thing my lips are stuck together or I’d throw up.”
    Report card
         o A in Art
         o B – Plays Nice
         o C – Clothes, Soc St, Spanish, English, Algebra, Gym
         o D - Lunch

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