Chapter 1 Vocabulary by DL45eFVt


									           Chapter 1 Vocabulary

physical health           lifestyle factors
social health             health assessment
mental/emotional health
life skills
attitude          health          lifestyle factors

physical health              environment

life skills       heredity        wellness

health assessment            social health

mental/emotional health
  Health Triangle – being healthy means
        having a balanced health triangle!
• Physical health –       •   Good grooming habits
  means care of the       •   Balanced diet
  physical body           •   Adequate rest
                          •   Exercise regularly
Each side of your health triangle affects the
               other sides.
• Social Health – the    • Working well / playing
  ability to get along     in groups
  with others            • Making/keeping
                         • Getting help/support
                           when needed
Balancing the 3 sides of your health triangle
     lessens your chances of illness.
• Mental/emotional      • Express emotions in
  health – liking who     healthy, positive way
  you are & accepting   • Facing life’s problems
  who you are           • Dealing with
    Hereditary Characteristics – questions to
               ask your parents!
•   Eye color, hair color, skin tones?
•   Height, body build (slim, heavy set)?
•   Who wears glasses and at what age?
•   Athletic ability, artistic ability, creativity
•   What kind of job did they have? Career?
•   What types of hobbies did they have?
•   What kinds of health issues did or do they have?
Determine which of the following are examples of
  physical, social, mental, or emotional health

• Brush your teeth before leaving for school
• Rather than just worrying about the test while
  watching TV, you decide to study.
• When her sister goes away to college, Karen
  misses her very much. Karen decides to deal
  with her sadness by emailing her sister every
• Even though Fran saves her babysitting money,
  she respects her friends decision to spend her
-Matt is confused about how to arrange the notecards
 for his research paper. Instead of hiding his confusion
 he asks his teacher for help.
-Aaron mistakenly made plans with 2 friends for the
 Saturday. He solves his problem by inviting both
 to join him.
-Amanda doesn’t care that she can’t swim as fast as
 her brother, she knows she is a talented volleyball
-Sam would love to stay up until midnight to watch a
 vintage monster movie, but he goes to bed because
 he must wake up for school.
           Lifestyle Factors
Definition: behaviors and habits that help
 determine a person’s level of health and

Positive lifestyle choices promote good
 health and wellness and a balanced
     Positive Lifestyle factors
• Eating balanced meals
• Getting 60 minutes of physical activity
  each day
• Getting at least 8 hours of sleep nightly
• Doing your best in school & other activities
• Avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
• Following safety rules/wear protective gear
• Relate well to family, friends, classmates
 The Parkers: Thinking about lifestyle factors.

Lauren is watching her favorite TV show, The Parkers.
The show is about a family on the move. Every
  member has a different schedule. Lauren notices
  that the Parkers never eat meals together. Kim
  grabs leftover’s from the fridge on the way out. Ken
  is always running late for school and never has time
  for breakfast. Mr. Parker is overweight and smokes
  cigarettes. While watching “The Parkers, Lauren
  realizes that the family members have many
  unhealthy lifestyle factors.
What are the unhealthy factors?
What could they do to make themselves more healthy?
Health Triangle Word Splash – use the following words/
phrases to write a paragraph about your health triangle.

mental           emotional         health triangle

getting along with others          physical

social     liking who you are

balance                total body care

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