Homecoming 2012 King and Queen Bios by HC121109045618


									Homecoming 2012 King & Queen Candidates

                                          Jorge Barajas          is the son of Esmeralda Magdaleno and Carlos
                                          Almanza. He is currently in CSF, Science Club, ROP Drama, Varsity
                                          Dance, leadership, and ASB vice-president. He enjoys watching Glee,
                                          laughing out loud, hanging out with friends, twitter, and facebook. Jorge
                                          plans to attend UC San Diego to pursue a degree in psychology.

                                          Amali Andaverde is the daughter of Joe and Molly Andaverde.
                                          She is currently in Leadership, Block S, ASB Commissioner of Athletics,
                                          and a Varsity soccer player. She enjoys playing soccer, weightlifting,
                                          hanging out with her family and friends. Amali plans to attend college to
                                          pursue a degree in zoology and get married to Ryan Reynolds!

                                          Juwan Cummings                is the son of Anna and Burron Cummings.
                                          He is currently in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Campus
                                          Awakening, Block S, and a Varsity athlete in both basketball and
                                          volleyball. He enjoys playing basketball, working out, eating, sleeping
                                          and reading his Bible. Juwan plans on going straight to the N.B.A.

                                          Jaqueline Giron            is the daughter of Abraham and Silvia Giron.
                                          She is the currently involved in yearbook. In her spare time, she enjoys
                                          hanging out with her friends, ref kid’s soccer games on Saturdays, and
                                          watch comedy movies. Jaqueline plans on attending UC Merced to major
                                          in Chemistry.
Lalo Guzman             is the son of Maria and Eduardo Guzman. He is
currently involved in Block S and is a Varsity athlete in soccer, volleyball,
football, and track. He enjoys working out, cutting hair, walking his dog,
sleeping, and eating a lot of tacos. After graduation, Lalo plans on
attending Fresno State to pursue a degree in Criminology.

 Brenda Maciel is the daughter of Elias and Ofelia Maciel. She is
currently FBLA President and has been a member all four years. She
enjoys listening to music, shopping, hanging out with friends, and being
on facebook. Brenda plans on attending Fresno State to pursue a career in
Business Administration.

Joseph Limon is the son of Cesar Limon and Maria Maya. He enjoys
beat boxing, making music, and inspiring people. After graduation, Joseph plans
on joining the Air Force and becoming successful in everything he commits

Sumayyah Din is the daughter of Saleema Din.               She is currently
in CSF, Drama, Leadership, Indo Crew, and is the ASB President. She
enjoys filling in her planner, practicing her driving skills, talking a lot,
and multi-tasking like a boss. Sumayyah plans to attend UC Berkeley as a
double major in biology and journalism and eventually join Doctors
without Borders.

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