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					REVISED 11-2 Curriculum Calendar Human Geography Weeks 8-15
                        Unit 3: Cultural Patterns and Processes
                     (Ch.4- Folk and Pop. Culture, ch.5-Language)
       Rubenstein Text. Ch.4-5
       Key Issue (KI) worksheets or notes
       Prepare for Reading Quizzes (RQ) daily
       Vocabulary and map tests (geogenius: Europe)
       MC and CRQ Exams (both in one day)
       Case Study: Hutterites/Amish; Other TBA
       Article Review: Amish culture
       Video: Power of Place Series- Indonesia; Quebec
       Ambassador Project review. Need to look at it again. Make sure YOU are working now.
       ESPeN: Culture (Ch.4 only)
       Culture Feast Tuesday, November 23rd (day before Thanksgiving Break)

   Date                                 Activities/Topics                                   Assn.
   10-25        Ch3. Vocabulary Test – REVIEW – Study Session 2:15 p.m.

   10-26        Chp. 3 Test                                                           HW: pp.115-122
                Ch.4- Folk and Pop. Culture
                Project Details: Due 10-30
   10-27        RQ 4A KI 1 Where do folk an popular cultures originate and diffuse?
                Folk and Popular Music; Amish and Sports
   10-28        Cont. KI I and 2                                                      HW: pp.122-128.

   10-29        RQ 4B KI 2 Why is folk culture clustered?                             HW: pp.129-137
                Isolation- Diversity; Physical Environment Folk Housing

      11-1      RQ 4C KI 3 Why is popular culture widely distributed?                 ESPeN
                Housing, clothing and food; Role of TV
      11-2      ESPeN due, next 4 presentations                                       HW: pp.137-142;
                Threats; Environmental impact
      11-3      RQ 4D KI 4 Why does globalization of popular culture cause            Review vocab
                Review Vocab
      11-4      Ch.4 Vocab Test - REVIEW. Test Review Session 2:15 p.m. with          Research for
                Mrs. Tweed – Room 210                                                 Ambassador
      11-5      Chp. 4 TEST + CRQ                                                     Study for Ch.4 test

                Note: Random Notes Check next week!
      11-8      Ch.4 Test
     11-9          Ch.4 Test Review                                                     HW: pp.147-156
                   Ch.5: Language Intro
                   Political cartoons, crazy English
                   Macrocultural regions- label map
     11-10         KI 1 Where are English language speakers distributed?                Language table ws

     11-11         RQ 5A Revised from 11-4

     11-12         RQ 5 B KI 2 Why is English related to other languages?               HW: pp.156-165
                   Interpreting Language Table
                   Case study: French and Spanish in Anglo-America
                   Power of place video: Montreal: An Island of French

     11-15         RQ 5C KI 3 Where are other language families distributed?            HW: pp.165-171
                   Case study, cont’d. Reviving extinct languages, Lingua Franca
     11-16         Cont.
     11-17         Veterans Day No school                                               HW: pp.171-180

  11-18 Study      RQ 5D KI 4 Why do people preserve local languages?                   Study vocab
 Session- Ch.5     e.c. ESPeN due- Language
     11-19         Ch.5 Vocab Test and                                                  Review Ch.4 &5;
                   Review Ch.5                                                          study for map test

  11-21 Study      map test (Europe/Middle East- see Schoolwires list- 25 countries),
groups (practice
 ques.) for e.c.
     11-22         Ch.5 Test
      11-          Test review; Start Ch.6- Religion
*Study session time/location (subject to change)
No study session for Ch.4 (Ch.5 on 11-12)

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