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									                       TUITION PROGRAMS AT
                      THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA

                                  STAFF TUITION GRANTS

The University of Iowa sponsors grants of $200 to help defray tuition costs for college credit
courses. Applicants don’t need to be in a degree program to be eligible for this program.
Applications for tuition grants are printed in fyi each semester.
Applicants must be employed by The University of Iowa for one continuous year by the deadline
date of the application.
Applicants must be a 50% time or greater regular employee at The University of Iowa at the time
of application and at the beginning of the semester for which the grant is being awarded. First
priority is given to individuals who have not received an award for the past two years.
All UI sponsored courses in support of institutional needs are eligible.

                             TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM

The Tuition Assistance Program allows departments to pay tuition costs for University course
work for faculty and non-organized staff.
To be eligible, faculty and non-organized staff must take University of Iowa course work in a UI
degree program that contributes to the staff or faculty member’s professional development as a
University employee. Employees must be appointed in a regular position for 50% time or more
and must have been employed one continuous year at The University of Iowa by the deadline
Assistance is limited to tuition for up to four hours of course work per semester.
University administration has established a fund to assist departments that are unable to provide
full support for course work.

                         MARY JO SMALL STAFF FELLOWSHIP

This fellowship is an award that UI staff members may use to help defray costs of course work,
regional, national, or international meetings or workshops, training opportunities on and off-
campus, and/or work release time to prepare publications. The award is available to all current
full-time and permanent part time (50% or more) Professional and Scientific and Merit staff
members who have been employed for two or more years at the University.
Selection is based upon documentation of recognized contributions that support the University’s
mission and goals, priority is given to individuals who have not received a fellowship in the last
year. Departments may be asked to prioritize internal candidates and make recommendations to
the committee.

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UI Staff Development has identified significant funds for special professional development
awards during the spring and fall semesters. All staff members are sent an application form in
campus mail twice a year. Those staff members who submit a completed award application form
by the deadline are eligible for the lottery drawing. Award winners are selected through a lottery
drawing, and approximately 150 awards will be given each semester. Winners can use the award
to cover the fee for Staff Development courses during the appropriate semester. Only one
application per person will be accepted.


Applicants must be P&S, merit supervisory exempt/confidential, or merit staff at The University
of Iowa, must hold a regular appointment of 50 percent or more, and must have completed one
year of employment prior to the application deadline.

All University of Iowa-sponsored courses are eligible including Saturday and Evening classes
and correspondence courses. Scholarship will cover cost of tuition only, not fees or books.
Courses must be for the purpose of changing career direction or for career development.

We receive many more applications than we can fund. We will remove from consideration
applications from staff members who have applied for and who will receive funds from for the
Tuition Assistance Program and the UIHC Tuition Reimbursement for the same semester. Staff
who apply for and receive Staff Tuition Grants will receive the difference between tuition (of up
to one 4-hour credit class) and the $200 award. Staff are encouraged to apply for assistance
through any of these programs for which they are eligible. The scholarship must be used during
the semester for which it is awarded.

Semester application deadlines:
      November 1 (Spring); April 1 (Summer); and July 20 (Fall)

For further information on these tuition programs or to obtain an application form, contact Leann
Hotchkiss, Staff Development, 121-51 University Services Building, 335-2901, or see the
Staff Development web site at

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