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					     EFJohnson           ®

IWCE Rebanding Zone
       April 7th, 2005

       Brenda Jackson
   SVP Sales and Marketing
                                  1440 Corporate Drive, Irving, Texas

•1923 Founded in Waseca, MN

•2004 Move to the Dallas, Texas

A long history in wireless public safety communication

Edgar F. Johnson

         1939 EFJohnson installed 1st Police Radio in Minnesota
       EFJohnson users affected by

• Multi-Net® system users
  – dozens of systems from single site to statewide in
    operation with tens of thousands users

• EFJohnson radios on Motorola® systems
  – Project 25 radios
  – Approximately 50,000 SMARTNET® / SmartZone® radios
    (EFJohnson is exclusive licensee of Motorola)
              Multi-Net - Network
• Network impact
   – Depending on the system generation, RF components such as
     combiners, couplers, splitters, multiplexers and antennas may not
     support the new spectrum
   – Repeater site and network controller software does not currently support
     the new channel mapping

• Network strategy
   – Repeater sites will be evaluated for required hardware upgrade or
   – Repeater and site controllers will be upgraded with new software
   – Installation of temporary coverage may be needed during retuning of
     individual sites

• Some customizations and special applications integrated into
  networks in the past may require additional effort.
              Multi-Net Radios
• Mobiles and portables impact
  – Models that require retuning
     • Ascend™ Portable
     • Ascend™ Mobile
  – Models that require replacement
     •   8585 Chameleon™
     •   8560 Chameleon™
     •   8750 Avenger™
     •   8615 Tiger™
     •   97XX Summit™
• Radios will be replaced with the Ascend
  subscriber units.
   SMARTNET & SmartZone radios
       on Motorola systems

• 5100 series portables can easily be re-
tuned with PC Configure™ software.

• 5300 series mobiles can easily be re-
tuned with PC Configure software.

• 8585, 8560, 8750, 7780 and 9880
require replacement with 5100 portable
and 5300 Mobile
         EFJohnson P25 radios
          on Motorola systems
• 5100 series portables can easily be
retuned with PC Configure software.

• 5300 series mobiles can easily be
retuned with PC Configure software.
         Easy and quick configuration

• PC Configure
  – Works with any computer
  – CD and data are the only
  – Simple point & click
  – Intuitive GUI
  – Windows based
  – Requires minimal training

    Best in Class Programming tool saves time and money!
   EFJohnson re-banding services
           Direct and Dealer network
• System audit support
• Coverage baselining
• Customer tailored site-by-site and network
  strategy development
• Proposals and system design
• Network retuning services
• Subscriber retuning, exchange and installation
• System acceptance
             EFJohnson contacts
• Multi-Net customers contact:
  – Jim Myers, jmyers@efjohnson.com, (610) 891-7530

• SMARTNET, SmartZone, and P25 customers:
   – Ralf Borgardt, rborgardt@efjohnson.com, (972) 819 0676

• For all other inquiries Rebanding@efjohnson.com

• Check for updates on:
 Thank You!

 Rebanding Zone

  Booth 4037


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