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					                                                                    BOARD HIGHLIGHTS
Volume 8, Issue 2                                                                                              September 2012

The Board of Directors held a meeting on September 6, 2012.

Quality / Safety / Risk - The Board received a presentation by Mr. Peter Kennedy, Director
of Quality and Risk, on patient safety culture, risk management and quality improvement. Mr. Kennedy
highlighted that the hospital’s Ethics Framework, Patient Declaration of Values and decision-making processes
have been developed based on the iCare organizational values (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect
and Engagement). He provided updates on the current status of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and
Patient Safety Culture (PSC) initiatives.

Corporate Scorecard - The Board received the Corporate Scorecard for 2012-2013 with results
for the first quarter. The Corporate Scorecard is available for viewing on the Web site under Public Reporting - Accountability.

Recognition - The Board presented Ms. Diane Lahaie with a framed plaque in appreciation for her
years of service as a Board member. Ms. Lahaie resigned her position on the Board when she was appointed
judge to the Ontario Court of Justice.

The Board acknowledged Sylvie Depratto, Labour Relations Specialist, and Karin Hagen, Manager of Finance,
who have received an award from EORLA for their contribution to Ontario’s largest clinical laboratory

As well, the Board recognized Jocelyn Lauzon and Mark Orris of Human Resources for organizing the
participation of hospital teams in the Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike event and Dragon Boat races.

The Board expressed its appreciation to the physician groups and pharmacists for their collaborative leadership
during this current national drug shortage. Their joint efforts have helped the hospital tremendously during this
time of great need.

Accessibility Plan - The Board approved the hospital Accessibility Plan for 2012-2013. This plan
will be made available on the hospital web site.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - It was reported that the Foundation has raised $2 million
to date for the MRI Campaign. The target is $3.5 million.

The Board carried a resolution to request an assignment of Cornwall Community Hospital to Group N hospitals
under Regulation 964 of the Public Hospitals Act so that the hospital may acquire and operate magnetic resonance
imaging equipment.

Hemodialysis Unit - On September 11, 2012, the Hemodialysis Unit celebrates its 10 year
anniversary! This essential service for our area patients is made possible through a partnership between The
Ottawa Hospital and Cornwall Community Hospital. Since the Unit opened, 233 patients have received
approximately 57,915 treatments closer to home thereby enhancing their quality of life as they do not have to
add three hours per day, three times per week of travelling time to Ottawa.
Information Systems - The Hospital is in process of acquiring the following:
   Electronic Operating Room Scheduling Software – This software will allow the hospital to electronically
    prioritize, track and manage patients waiting for surgery. Booking requests will be received from the
    surgeons’ offices electronically.

   Information Technology Data Centre – This centre is expected to be built when the infrastructure is
    completed with the capital project in October.

Capital Redevelopment Project - The project has seen considerable progress over the
summer. A few major highlights and existing activities:

       Civil work adjacent to the west addition is ongoing;
       Electrical, systems control wiring and piping rough in ongoing;
       Curtain wall and remainder of exterior glazing scheduled to be delivered to site week of August 27, 2012.
        The addition is temporarily enclosed with tarps and plywood;
       Window replacement complete with the exception of phase three work on level four and the auditorium;
       Structural work for the new switchboard is ongoing;
       Installation of the new tower elevators is ongoing;
       Breakthrough demolition for the tower elevator lobbies tie-ins to H wing ongoing;
       Floor installation on level two is nearly complete, in progress on level one;
       Above ceiling rough in and lighting on levels one and two;
       Door installation levels one and two ongoing;
       Final paint level two is nearly completed. Painting on level one continues;
       Ductwork in penthouse is nearly complete. Installation of HVAC and related mechanical systems is
        progressing well;
       Commissioning of chillers and boilers is scheduled for early October.

As well, the Operational Readiness Teams have been active all summer preparing for all of the critical moves into
the new space.

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