NEWSLETTER 1

                                   WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!
A big welcome back to school to all our children and families! This new term we welcome our new
Reception children plus some children joining our other year groups. We hope you will soon get to
know everyone and feel at home with us.
Children started yesterday looking very smart, excited about seeing their friends and keen to start work
in their brand new books. It was lovely to say hello to everyone during our first Assembly.
May I wish everyone a successful and happy school year!

             KEEP US LOOKING SMART!                                            SAFETY FIRST!
                                                                    Our policy allows for studs and small
                                                                    sleeper earrings to be worn. In line
Please ensure that all children’s belongings are                    with Health and Safety guidelines in
clearly marked with children’s names. We aim to                     Physical Education no earrings are to
keep our lost property box empty this year!                         be worn during PE. The Local
In order to aid this class teachers will be writing                 Authority has informed schools of
                                                                    recent injuries to children caused by
children’s names on any items which are not clearly
                                                                    the wearing of earrings during PE
labelled. If you have an objection to this please do                lessons.
make it known to your child’s teacher.                              Children wearing earrings will need
                                                                    to remove these before PE. School
Last year we suffered with quite a congested                        can not accept responsibility for any
                                                                    loss or damage, neither are teachers
corridor, where children’s coats and bags kept
                                                                    allowed to help children remove
falling from their hooks and run the risk of being                  earrings.
trampled over or lost. In order to alleviate this we
have relocated various pegs and reorganised the
corridor. We ask for your help, please:
     Ensure children’s coats have a hanging loop so
       that it can be hang on their pegs.                                  SPARKS WILL FLY
     Children have been asked to only bring into
       school string school PE bags (no other ruck
                                                                    Finally we have a recording of
                                                                    the event! If you would like a
       sacks or handbags please)
                                                                    copy please send £1.00 with your
                                                                    child and Miss Sharman will
Please do park sensibly and help us to keep everyone safe.          kindly burn you a CD.
Parking on the pavement puts children and adults at risk.
Please do not block the pedestrians pavements. Parking a
little further and walking for a couple of minutes will not
only improve your health but also give your children the
right message!

                                      DATES FOR YOUR DIARY

14.09.12 Class 3 & 4 & 5 trip to Mountfitchet Castle
19.09.12 Reception children ‘Start to school’ photograph.
22.10.12 Anti-Bullying presentation for children.
29.10.12-02.11.12 Half Term week.

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