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Michael John Darck

RSA ID.           6604195369080

Race              Coloured

                  2 Cemaren Court
                  Beach Road
/Postal Address
                  Cape Town

                  South Africa


Telephone -
Cellular          + 27 827306832

Email Address


Marital status    Single.

Education         BCom (Hons) Specialisation in Business Management


                  Completed First Year with passes in following papers
                  Project Management
                  Advanced Human Resource Management

                  Currently studying to complete final year of BCom (Hons)

                  BCom (Specialisation in Business Management)


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First Year Subjects
   Financial Accounting 101
   Financial Accounting 102
   Economics 101
   Economics 102
   Business Management 101 *
   Business Management 102 *
   Commercial Law
   Information Systems *
   Industrial Psychology
   Introduction to Economic and Management Environment 101 *
   Introduction to Economic and Management Environment 102 *
   Elementary Quantitative Methods

Second Year Subjects
   Financial Management
   General Management
   Human Resource Management
   Purchasing Management
   Customer Behaviour
   Public Relations
   Economics
   Tourism Marketing
   E Commerce in Business
   Entrepreneurship

Final Year Subjects
   Strategic Management 3A *
   Strategic Management 3B
   Training and Development Management *
   Purchasing
   Entrepreneurship
   Human Resource Management
   Promotion Management
   Tourism Management 3A
   Tourism Management 3B
   Family Business Management *

* Pass with Distinction

Diploma in Personal Computing


Diploma in Business Management
Bulawayo Technical College

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             City and Guilds – Professional Catering Certificate
             Part 1

             City and Guilds – Professional Catering Certificate
             Part 2

             Bulawayo Hotel School

             O Level – Pass in Five Subjects
             Hamilton High School

             M Level
             Hamilton High School

             Short Courses

             ITSAM                                                Nosa

             Transformational Leadership                            Treetops

             Conceptual Selling                                    Miller Heiman

             Determining a Retail Mindset                           Compass

             Customer Service                                      Compass

             Health and Safety Representative Training Course         Nosa

             Diagnosis, Management and Treatment Diabetics            Eli Lilly

Employment   September 2010 to Present Creative Design Company

             Operations and Financial Director
              Managing the Company’s Finance with regard to expenditure, budgeting,
               financial reporting, compliance and funding.
              Provide monthly Operational and Financial Reports to Shareholders.
              Liaise with Company Auditors.
              Perform duties as the appointed Company Secretary.
              Perform duties as the appointed Public Officer for the Company.
              Oversee all aspects related to Corporate Governance and update board on
              Managing Company assets and monitoring of the payroll administration.
              Oversee all Administration Functions of the Company.
              Responsible for all HR functions for the company that includes recruitment,
               performance reviews, staff development, implementation and review of HR

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  policies and procedures, staff development.
 Manage Operational aspects of the company that includes contracts, lease
  agreements, supplier SLAs, insurance, royalty reports, company policies and
 Oversee all aspects related to PR.
 Compile monthly reports to the Job Creation Trust.
 Responsible for the management of Company Supply Chain
 Liaise with all stakeholders and network with other organisations linked to Job
 Liaise with Directors on strategy development, implementation and evaluation.
 Interact with community and measure social impact. Explore opportunities for
  Social up-liftment and Job creation.
 Provide reports to the Trustee on impact on Job Creation and Retention.
 Compile Board Packs that include Board Reports. Fulfil role as a Board
 Assess company performance and implement plans for sustainability and

November 2008 – August 2010 Compass Game Park Services – Kruger
National Park and University of Venda
Operations Manager
 Management of the Operations in Northern Region of the Kruger National Park
  and University of Venda. Budgeted Annual Turnover for area is set at R 72
 Achieve set targets for Region for Turnover and PBIT; put plans to ensure
  effective strategies are in place in meeting targets.
 Assist with a Marketing plan for CGPS and University of Venda.
 Develop Business Strategies to achieve sustained growth in area.
 Ensure region manages in unit costs effectively, and performance continuously
  monitored and investigated. Find ways to continuously improve on performance
  in this area.
 Manage, plan, coordinate and ensure the performance of all functions attached
  to the region in line with set company requirements.
 Drive quality on all food preparation, and standardisation process is adhered to.
 Financial and Operational Reporting for region to Operations Director and
  Financial Controller.
 Assist with Preparation of Yearly Budgets and Weekly Forecasts and
  measuring actual performance against set targets for Region.
 Monitoring and ensuring Quality Management Safety Standards are
  maintained, and required company standards in health and safety achieved.
 Drive development of all staff in Region and make certain effective training in
 Assist with the recruitment of staff members both permanent and on a
  temporary basis.
 Assist with the Development and Implementation of effective business
  strategies and communication of these strategies.
 Maintaining stock days, co-ordinating, and resolving supplier concerns and
  effective use of APL (Approved Product listing)

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 Ensure Risk Management policies are implemented and maintained.
 Establish and Maintain Customer and client relations and ensure effective
  service for Region.
 Ensure effective maintenance in place for Region and set targets achieved in
  meeting maintenance KPI’s.

March 2008 – August 2008 Compass Game Park Services – Kruger
National Park
Financial Controller
 Implementation of sound business financial practices and strategies, ensuring
  operating units meet set KPA’s.
 Reporting on overall Financial Performance of the Operation to General
 Compiling and Measuring Financial Performance of each unit and investigating
  any deviations.
 Make recommendations to improve on financial efficiencies, monitor and control
  of expenditure.
 Develop and implement relevant and necessary accounting policies, systems
  and procedures.
 Conduct audits of units to ensure compliance with various company policies
  and make recommendations to improve on shortcomings.
 Prepare and submit weekly, monthly and quarterly financial reports.
 Client relations, in so far as it was to finance related activities.
 Provide to Senior Management valuable input into the formulation of
  organisational strategy and planning.
 Monitor and prepare reports for each of the unit’s income and expenditure
  against budgets and set KPA’s.
 Assist with all Internal and External audits.
 Provide Financial Overview at Executive, Senior Management, and Board
 Prepare Annual Budgets and Forecasts.
 Conduct any required training on Financial Reporting and Sound Business
  Management Practices.
 Implementation of loss prevention policies.
 Ensure timely payment on all accounts and effective Debt Management.
 Conduct Monthly sign offs, and report on each unit’s financial performance.

Jan 2004 – Feb 2008 Compass Botswana
Operations Manager - Compass Botswana
 Management of the Operations in Botswana that include Total Facility
  Management and Catering.
 Manage, plan, coordinate and ensure the performance of all functions attached
  to the region in line with set company requirements.
 Financial and Operational Reporting to both the Shareholders and Board of
  Directors on the overall performance of the Operations.
 Preparation of Yearly Budgets and Weekly Forecasts and measuring actual
  performance against set targets.
 Monitoring and ensuring Quality Management Safety Standards are
  maintained, and required company standards in safety achieved.
 Assisting with the compilation of Tenders Documents for both existing and new

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   Provide specialist advice on both Catering and Facility Management.
   Debt Management.
   Represent the Company’s interest to all stakeholders.
   Performing all accounting (daily, weekly and monthly) duties, general
    administration, IR, and HR functions for the Operations.
   Recruitment of staff members both permanent and on a temporary basis.
   Develop business strategies and ensure communication of these strategies to
    all stakeholders.
   Control of advertising in-house and public, display creation and merchandising
    of all retail items. Assisting in various forms of sponsorships to promote
    company exposure to the various target markets.
   Maintaining stock levels, co-ordinating sourcing and purchasing. Ensuring
    proper and effective housekeeping.
   Ensure Risk Management policies are implemented and maintained.
   Establishing and maintaining positive customer relations at all levels.
   Technical advice to all clients with regard to Total Facility Management and
   Act as Public Officer for the Operations based in Botswana.
   Act as Principle Officer for the Compass Botswana Pension Fund.
   Devise turnaround strategies for non-performing units to ensure long term

August 1992 – Dec 2003 Gaborone Private Hospital
Catering Manager.
 Ensure that all meals and beverages to both Patients and Staff are of the
  highest quality, with special regard to Health and Safety.
 Managing of administration, HR and IR functions for the unit.
 Control and implementation of Dietary Requirements prescribed by doctors,
  liaising with patients on said requirements.
 Provide feedback to Doctors on patient feeding.
 Compile and Implement all Patient and Staff Menus, which include also Special
  Diet Menus.
 Maintain and ensure high standards in Health and Safety that fall within
  acceptable range as per Nosa Requirements.
 Participate in Yearly Strategic Meetings.
 Ensure that training and development processes, procedures are adhered to
  and that all staff benefit from the training programmes on offer.
 Oversee all financial aspects of the operation.
 Act as Health and Safety Chairperson for the Hospital, setting protocols and
  ensure compliance on all Health and Safety policies and procedures.
 Assist with the compiling annual budgets for the operations.
 Compile monthly operational reports on the unit’s performance to the Area
 Ensure all functions to clients are of the highest standard.
 Check on all maintenance issues related to the kitchen.
 Conduct weekly staff meetings and ensure proper communication for effective
 Participate in monthly management meetings.
 Provide in – house training for all Health and Safety related courses to other

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 Relief the Area Manager during period of absence from the Operation.
 Ensure unit achieves set required profitability and investigate ways of improving
  on current efficiencies.
 Ensure customer satisfaction indexes are achieved.

Jan 1991 – May 1992 Bulawayo
Running own Private Catering Company.
 Manage and oversee a Catering Company specialising in the provision of high
  quality snacks, functions to the public.
 Ensure required safety standards are adhered to minimise any risks associated
  food preparation.
 Complete all administrative functions required for the company.
 Liaise with customers on a daily basis to establish levels of client satisfaction.
 Develop business strategies for growth and that will assist in gaining a
  competitive advantage in the industry.
 Conduct all financial functions required for the business.

March 1989 – Nov 1990 Eland Greys Inn
Assistant Manager/ Food and Beverage Manager
 Ensure the smooth running of the overall operations for Food and Beverage in
  the Hotel.
 Compile weekly, monthly reports on the Food and Beverage Functions to
  present to the General Manager.
 Monitor food and beverage gross profits so that budgeted/forecasted targets
  are achieved.
 Ensure proper recruitment and placement of personnel in the Food and
  Beverage Department.
 Ensure proper implementation of effective cost controls and stock monitoring.
 Maintain consistent standards of service, ensuring guest satisfaction while
  creating a work environment that supports organisational values.
 Actively maximise Food and Beverage sales through up-selling.
 Responsible for developing team skills and knowledge through training.
 Prompt resolution of customer complaints.
 Ensure compliance with all Health and Safety work practices as well as support
  of the organisational core values.
 Provide financial overview to the Executive Team on the performance of the
  Food and Beverage Department.
 Maintain acceptable standards in both the Food and Beverage area, and devise
  effective strategies for operation.

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Other           Company Secretary for Nilaflex (Pty) Ltd – Interim
                Public Officer for Nilaflex (Pty) Ltd
                Elected Public Officer for Compass Botswana
                Elected Principle Officer for the Compass Botswana Pension Fund
                Health and Safety Chairperson for Gaborone Private Hospital
                Member of the National Occupational Committee for Botswana

References   Edward Morton
             Operations Director – Compass Game Park Services
             Compass Group SA
             General Manager - Education
             Tel Cell 082-9247696

             Sharmiela Garnie
             Executive Director
             Job Creation Trust
             Tel Office +27 113129480/1

             Brian Hendricks
             Sales Director
             Creative Design Company
             Tel + 27 218512072

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