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					                         School Council Meeting Minutes
                            Regent Park Public School
                                  May 7, 2012
Members present: Ron Price, Kim Loft, Chrisandra Firth, Brenda McGuire, Heather
Reda, David Campbell, Brian Murrant, Mike Kelly, and Kim Campbell
Regrets: Amanda Dunn, Kerrie Pellarin, Cory Hoch, Blake Sheldon, Carolyn Harris,
and Mandi Burbidge

1. Welcoming remarks – acceptance of last meeting’s minutes taking place April 2,
2012. Moved By: Ron Seconded by: Dave
       Business Arising: Bottle drive? The beer store is planning a bottle drive to
support the leukemia association on the last weekend in May. Discussion occurred
regarding scheduling of ours, please see below.

2. Fundraiser Report Card:
       i) MacMillians -        Arrival this Thursday May 10th at 2pm. Volunteers in
                       need for this day. Gym will be used to sort the orders.
                       We made over $1200.00 on this fundraiser.
       ii) Pop can contest - Combined effort with bottle drive?
       iii) Bottle Drive -     Anyone interested in heading this initiative? Kim Loft
                       will co-ordinate some of this for us – Discussion occurred
                       regarding scheduling this event and consensus was that May
                       23rd would be the date. Ron Price will draft an e-mail to go out
                       closer to the date reminding students and families of the event
                       and posters and announcements will be developed. Kim Loft
                       offered to deliver a flyer in the community in mailboxes if
                       needed. Mrs. Campbell will look into the school areas that will
                       define the area for the bottle and can drive. Suggested time
                       frame is from 5:30 until 8:00. Routes and details will be
                       confirmed as volunteers are identified.

3. Admin Report: Please see attached.

4. French Update: there are plans for one more breakfast before the end of the year
possibly in June

5. PRO Grant: last year the school received a $500 PRO Grant that was used for the
       TV in the foyer (thank-you Mr. Murrant for the updates). Discussion included
       internet/ Facebook safety information session. Kim or Mike will follow up
       with Harriet Todd Public School to see if there could be an information
       session at Regent Park next year.

6. Any open suggestions/business/remarks?
       Kim reported on the meeting at Park Street for School Councils. There will be
       a web site developed with resources to be put into place by the Parent
       Involvement Committee

7. Closing Remarks

Next Meeting Monday June 4th 2012
                      Admin Team Report to School Council

                                   Mon. May 7, 2012

        Tutors in the classroom -2 have started, working in gr. 3 (both returning)
        Georgian College students ECE working in gr. 2/3 and gr. 6 EFSL
        Georgian College students CYW working with Lisa Landry and gr. 6


        Long jump pits $3700???
        Increased vandalism for 2 weeks 7 windows and spray paint (OPP report
         made request for foot patrol as well as drive by)

        Regent Park has been nominated to represent area 2 at the board Character
        Music Monday today and was great
        Primary play May 8th and 9th, “Bugz” with the grade 3’s
        Intramural updates:
         -Regent Park wrestlers 4th in city, 5th in county
         -Jr boy’s basketball – won city consolation tournament
         -Jr. girl's basketball had a great season finishing well up in the standings
         -girls on the run/girls on track running, final races June 16th in Barrie
         -rugby team has started up with the tournament May 15th at Burl Creek
         -softball sign up sheets are posted
        Forest of Reading team spent the day at the board office with readers from all
         over the county.
        students in the Extended French went to Elmvale to see Kung Fu Panda in
        Classroom trips pending, gr. 8 trip to Ottawa/Montreal (23 out of 48
         attending) Virtual trip assignment provided at school for those not able to go
         on trip.
        Gr. 4 and 7are going to the WYE MARSH
        Options for grade 7 year end experience were discussed. Intermediate
         division teachers have proposed a change of experience to provide a more
         curriculum focused option involving the arts rather than urban geography
         curriculum. Discussion from meeting would support the presentation of this
         option to the students and the provision of a variety of experiences to
         support curriculum expectations. The grade 7 students have been to the Wye
         Marsh and movies this year.
        Gr. 3 went to the Simcoe County Museum last Friday for a Pioneer study
        Gr. 3 swimming program has just finished
        Jump Rope for Heart May 18th pledge forms have gone home. Discussion
         occurred regarding the need to have prizes attached as children are not
         always aware of cost and rewards.
        Camp Couchiching returned for a leadership team follow up last week after
         school with our students
   After school math program running 3 nights a week with 33 students
    attending and being taught by Ms Vivian, Mrs. Crooks and Mrs. Healey
   Hosting “Welcome to Kindergarten” in June
   EQAO May 23- June 6
   Class sizes are getting very large with new students arriving probably be
    restructuring given numbers for next year
   Discussion occurred regarding the educational benefits of a Medieval Times
    trip versus the cost of the trip. Discussion supported pursuing a more local
    option with a less “gift shop” focused experience.

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