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									                                 IAS Fellow
                             Nomination Proforma


1. Name of proposed Fellow:

2. Proposed Fellow’s home institution:

3. Name(s) of proposer(s):

4. Proposed Fellow’s area(s) of research interest(s):
 5. Proposed Fellow’s major publications/achievements:

 6. Please provide details of how you envisage this person engaging with and
 contributing to the annual theme/a specific sub-theme and/or proposed
 research activity:

 7. Please list names of colleagues and/or departments at Durham that this
 individual would engage with should they be awarded an IAS Fellowship:

Please send this proforma to Linda Crowe (linda.crowe@durham.ac.uk) electronically
and attach to the email a copy of this individual’s CV. If a CV cannot be obtained then
please complete fully Section Two below.
SECTION TWO (only to be completed if CV is unavailable)

IAS Fellowships are offered to mid/late career scholars and public intellectuals who
have an established international reputation, have shaped their field, and can provide
evidence of research leadership and/or public impact. They are expected to have
published widely, received merits of esteem, and played a significant role in
developing research/intellectual capacity and direction in their field. Fellowships are
also offered to early/mid career individuals who have an emerging international
reputation and are beginning to shape the agenda in their field. They are expected to
have published some works of international significance and to demonstrate their
burgeoning influence and esteem.

 Based upon the information given above about the fellowships on offer at
 the IAS, please give details of the individual you wish to propose in relation
 to their publication history, international reputation and their esteem

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