CHIEF OFFICER FOR ENGAGEMENT

Client Overview

Our client, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is seeking a Chief Officer for
Engagement (COE) to provide leadership to the Patient Engagement and Stakeholder
Engagement teams. This is a new position reporting to PCORI’s Executive Director and is one of
three “C-level” executives on PCORI’s leadership team that also includes the Chief Operating
Officer (COO) and the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). PCORI has retained Sterling Martin
Associates to help with this important search.


The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) was established under the Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA). The purpose of the Institute is to assist
patients, clinicians, purchasers, and policy-makers in making informed health decisions by
advancing the quality and relevance of evidence concerning the manner in which diseases,
disorders, and other health conditions can effectively and appropriately be prevented,
diagnosed, treated, monitored, and managed through research and evidence synthesis that
considers variations in patient sub-populations, and the dissemination of research findings,
with respect to relative health outcomes, clinical effectiveness, and appropriateness of medical
treatments and services.

Key Responsibilities

      Building upon PCORI’s extensive engagement efforts to date, lead continued
       development of the vision and strategy for PCORI”s engagement with the broad range
       of stakeholders, in collaboration with Executive Team.
      Work closely with the PCORI Board of Governors and its Communications, Outreach,
       and Engagement Committee (COEC) to maximize the potential for effective, ongoing
       relationships with stakeholder communities.
      Lead, mentor, and support PCORI’s engagement team in implementing PCORI’s
       engagement program.
      Represent PCORI to the highest levels of key stakeholder organizations, and bring these
       organizations together to participate in planning and conducting patient-centered
       outcomes research.
      Serve as a principal spokesperson for PCORI to a broad range of stakeholder audiences.
      Bring stakeholders together, provide vision, and inspire them to collaborate in the name
       of patients and their need for trusted information.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement

The creation of this position reflects PCORI’s growing appreciation of the central role of its
engagement with multiple stakeholders in building a uniquely responsive and effective patient-
centered program of research. The successful candidate will oversee all of PCORI’s engagement
activities through two direct reports; the Director, Patient Engagement and the Director,
Stakeholder Engagement along with their talented teams of at least eight professionals.

The COE will have overall responsibility for strategic planning and implementation of a program
that builds ongoing, trusting relationships between PCORI and all stakeholders in the national
health care enterprise, including patients and consumers, clinicians, hospitals and health care
delivery systems, health plans, employers, the research community, the life sciences industry,
and federal, state, and local government, as well as with organizations that represent or
advocate for these stakeholders. In this work, he/she will have the close collaboration and
support of PCORI’s Executive Director, of other Executive level staff, and of PCORI’s Board of
Governors and its Communications, Outreach, and Engagement Committee. The successful
candidate will ensure that PCORI’s engagement programs and strategies are widely known and
understood at the highest levels of all stakeholder organizations. The Chief Officer for
Engagement will also ensure that that PCORI’s engagement team is closely integrated with
PCORI’s scientific staff and with PCORI’s communications team through close coordination with
the CSO and COO.

Engagement is an essential aspect of PCORI’s work, extending well beyond the simple notion of
securing input from a variety of stakeholders. PCORI aims to involve patients, caregivers,
clinicians, other stakeholders, and the organizations representing these stakeholders in a
partnership of shared accountability for PCORI’s research priorities and research agenda.
Engagement activities bring stakeholders together with researchers, both within and outside
PCORI, in the solicitation and identification of critical research questions; in a prioritization
process that identifies those research studies most likely to affect practice and improve patient-
centered outcomes; in ongoing evaluation of PCORI’s research portfolio and its findings; in the
conduct of patient-centered outcomes research; and in planning for effective dissemination of
PCORI research products. We believe that this participatory approach involving all stakeholders,
with patients and their interests at the center, offers the best opportunity to conduct
meaningful research, accelerate its dissemination, and drive demand for PCORI’s work

      Extensive executive-level, program leadership experience, preferably in a large
       stakeholder organization.
      Proven ability as a strategic thinker and leader.
      Proven ability to build and lead major program in a dynamic environment and proven
       ability to deliver high impact program results.
      Familiarity and experience working at high level with broad range of stakeholder
      Fifteen plus years of progressive experience and demonstrated success in engagement,
       health policy, and patient and stakeholder relations.
      Extensive experience in strategic communication, including understanding of and insight
       into the theory and techniques for collaborative engagement, motivation, and activation
       of constituencies.
      Excellent negotiation, facilitation, mediation, and public speaking skills.
      Proven track record of influence with multiple, diverse constituencies.
      Proven ability to work independently.
      Experience with governing boards and committees.
      Familiarity with research and evaluation methods.
      Advanced Degree in a social science, policy or health care discipline preferred (e.g.
       psychology, education/health education, sociology, public policy, public health,
       medicine, nursing, pharmacy).


Compensation will be competitive and consist of a base salary and incentive bonus.

For Questions or to Apply

To learn more about PCORI, please visit the website at www.pcori.org. Qualified candidates are
invited to apply by sending a cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to

                           PCORI is an equal opportunity employer.

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