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									                          PHYSICS COURSE SYLLABUS 2012-2013

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                            Course Overview The focus of this course is having students explore and
                            discover the fundamental laws that govern our physical universe. Students will do this
                            by following the same path a scientist follows and that is observation, prediction,
                            experimentation, and open discussion. The focus of the course will be to work with
                            macroscopic or visible phenomenon, but the goal of this course is to prepare students
                            with the foundations of physics and the scientific method so that students can then
                            transition into understanding how these same fundamental physical laws are applied to
                            the microscopic world in our Chemistry course the following year.

Required Course Materials
   ●   3 Ring Binder - You must bring this with you to class each day
   ●   Pencil with an eraser
   ●   Planner
   ●   Textbook: Active Physics by Eisenkraft
       We will not use the textbook all the time and we will let you know in advance when you will need to bring
       it to class. Please note the textbook must be returned at the end of the year or a mandatory replacement
       fee will be issued.
   ●   A Tissue box (full of tissues) would be appreciated but not required.


Throughout the year, work will be collected to evaluate your progress in class. Your grade will be based on the
number of points you earn out of all possible points and assigned as follows:

       Category                                                     Category Weights
             Exams/Quizzes                                                 40%
             Lab Reports/Projects/Homework                                 30%
             Participation                                                 10%
             Semester Exam                                                 20 %

       Percent of Total Possible Points                              Letter Grade
             100% - 92%                                                   A
               91% - 83%                                                  B
               82% - 74%                                                  C
               73% - 65%                                                  D
               64% - 0%                                                   F

       It is CPS policy that if a student accrues 10% or more UNEXCUSED ABSENCES in a given class during
       a semester they will receive an F for the semester regardless of the grade earned.
Teacher Availability
      Parents & Guardians: I am available for conferences throughout the year. Please e-mail me anytime to
      inquire about your student’s progress or set up a meeting. E-mail is my preferred form of
      communication and is checked on a daily basis. If you prefer to call, please leave a message with a
      call back number. Remember that your child's online grade book with all assignments and grades
      can be accessed anytime through the grade portal.

      Students: if you are unsure about anything, please ASK during class, after class or email me. Let me know
      if you have questions/problems well in advance of an assignment being due or an exam coming up.
              ● I am often available before or after school. If you would like to speak with me during these
                  times, please check in with me so I know to expect you. If you plan on “just showing up,” I
                  cannot guarantee I will be around.
              ● I check my email every day. If you are having a problem, send me an email and you will likely
                  get a response before class the next day. The farther past 7 pm you send the email the less
                  likely it is you will get a response before morning.

Academic Policies
      Homework: YOU are responsible for writing down assignments during class. Homework
      assignments are also posted on the school website for reference and extra worksheets may be found there.

      Late Work: You can turn in late work up to one week past the due date for 50% credit.

      Absences: It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed.
            ● Homework due on the day of the absence is due the day you return or it is considered
               late (see the late work policy above). Homework assigned on the day of the absence will be
               due the next class period after your return.
            ● If you are absent for more than one day in a row please see me for the missed homework
               and extended due dates.
            ● Handouts that are missed are found in the hanging folders near the door in 604.
            ● It’s always a good idea to talk to your teachers before or after school in the event of an

      Academic Dishonesty: Any type of academic dishonesty (plagiarism, cheating, copying) will not be
      tolerated. This behavior will result in a minimum of a zero on the assignment and a call home.

      Tests & Quizzes: In physics (as in most subjects) every new concept that you learn builds on concepts
      learned previously. Because it is vital that you retain important information throughout the year, you
      should expect your tests and quizzes to be cumulative – meaning everything we’ve learned is always fair
      game. You can retake quizzes once and the retake must take place within one week of the initial quiz date.

      Participation: These grades include but are not limited to binder checks, white boarding presentations,
      and current event presentations.

Lab Safety
      You are required to sign and abide by everything in the safety contract.
Classroom Policies and Procedures:
      Tardiness: If you are tardy you will receive one detention. Being tardy means you are not in your seat
      when the bell rings. If you are very tardy you will have additional consequences assigned.

      Bathroom: You have 10 minute passing periods which should leave plenty of time for you to use the
      facilities. This is when you should use the bathroom. However, if it is an emergency ask the teacher
      for a pass.

      Leaving Class: The teacher will let you know when it is okay to start packing up to leave class. You
      will be dismissed by tables. The teacher will only dismiss your table when all table members are
      seated with their assignment planners out, open to the current day, and homework recorded.

Projected Course Schedule (Subject to Change):
   Unit 1: Kinematics
   Unit 2: Forces
   Unit 3: Energy
   Unit 4: Momentum
   Unit 5: Electrostatics
   Unit 7: Circuits
   Unit 8: Structure of Atom
   Unit 9: Waves and Light

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