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									               Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officers’ Forum (UK)

                                Annual Report for 2011-12


The aim of this report is to provide an update on the LSA Midwifery Officers’ (LSAMO)
Forum (UK) (the Forum) activity during 2011-12.

The purpose of the Forum is to enable the LSAMOs across the UK to work collaboratively
with each other and with key stakeholders to ensure that there is a consistent and equitable
UK wide approach to achieving the standards for statutory supervision set by the Nursing
and Midwifery Council (NMC). The Forum consists of the fifteen LSAMOs from across the
UK and is currently working to a four year strategy, which describes the work plan until the
end of 2014. The Forum meets at different venues across the UK, hosted by the local LSA.
In 2011-12 the meetings were held at;

      May 2011              NHS Yorkshire and the Humber
      July 2011             Public Health Agency Belfast
      October 2011          NHS London
      December 2011         NHS East of England
      February 2012         NHS London

The Forum is chaired by a LSAMO. The term of office is one year and she is supported by a
Vice Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from within the group for a period of one
year with the Vice Chair becoming the Chair the following year.

                      Chair:        Suzie Cro
                      Vice Chair:   Verena Wallace (succeeded to chair in January 2012)

Stakeholder Involvement

The following stakeholders were invited to meetings in 2011 - 12

      Department of Health (February 2012)
      Nursing and Midwifery Council (October 2011 & February 2012)
      Royal College of Midwives (February 2012)
      NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (February 2012)

LSA Midwifery Officer Engagement

LSAMOs represent the LSAMO Forum (UK) as members of other forums;

      NMC /LSAMO Strategic Reference Group
      NMC Midwives rules and standards consultation
      NMC review of Midwives rules and standards steering group
      NICE consultations
      LSA Database Steering Group
      All Party Parliamentary Group on Maternity Services

Work of the Forum

The Forum meetings include identifying, developing and progressing future work which in
2011-12 included the development of new and updated LSA National Guidelines - available
at http://www.lsamoforumuk.scot.nhs.uk/

LSA National Conference

The Forum held a national UK conference in January 2012 entitled “Future Proofing
Supervision”, which was attended by over 500 Supervisors of Midwives and midwives from
LSAs across the UK. The conference included high profile keynote speakers and breakout
seminars sharing areas of good practice developed by Supervisors of Midwives. This
conference is held bi-annually and is due to be held again in 2014.

LSAMO Conference Attendance

A representative of the Forum aims to attend high profile exhibitions with the Forum stand
each year, in 2011-12 these included;

      Royal College of Midwives annual conference (Brighton)
      National Community Midwifery Conference (York)

The Forum exhibition stand at conferences enables midwives, student midwives and others
to engage with the LSAMOs and raises the profile consistency of statutory supervision.
These contacts provide an ideal opportunity for the LSAMOs to demonstrate leadership and
distribute information relating to statutory supervision for midwives to share with other
colleagues within their practice areas which supports consistency of standards of

LSA Annual Audit

The Forum has developed a portfolio of audit methodologies to fulfil the 54 standards from
the ‘Midwives rules and standards’ (NMC 2004). There is on-going discussion and learning
within the forum to identify a best practice approach to audit.

Supervisory Investigations

The Forum has worked to enhance the consistency and quality of supervisory investigations
across the UK to uphold the safety of women and babies. The work completed includes:

   o   Guideline L (a) Supervisory Investigation Decision Toolkit to determine when and
       what to investigate
   o   Definitions and templates
   o   Interface between supervision and management
   o   Information for the public on supervisory investigations
   o   Training tools for supervisors of midwives
   o   Capturing conduct / behaviour /attitudes in supervisory investigations
   o   Governance and supervision

LSA Database

The LSA Database is utilised across the UK and enables consistency of the Intention to
Practise (ITP) process, the confidential storage of supervision records and data collection. It
allows seamless, electronic transfer from one supervisor to another, as midwives move their
area of practice around the UK. It is constantly updated and improved in line with supervisor
of midwives and LSA MO requests. The database assists in maintaining the NMC Midwives
rules and standards in relation to submission by the LSAs of all ITP information.

LSA Website

The LSAMO Forum website has been moved to a new site and was formally launched at the
biannual conference in January 2012. The website is now hosted by
http://www.lsamoforumuk.scot.nhs.uk/ and is overseen by LSAMO Mary Vance. The web
site is fully interactive and links with all individual LSA websites across the UK.

The website provides easy access to all nationally agreed guidelines for supervisors of
midwives along with a host of useful information relating to statutory supervision of midwives
and midwifery practice.

LSA Midwifery Officers’ Forum (UK)


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