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									                                    Choosing Where to Die

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the truism that everybody dies. No matter how fast or how
hard you run, the number of days left on the calendar is constantly depleting. The point of this
is not to inspire panic, but to remind us that death is a part of life. How we approach our own
death can make a huge difference in how our loved ones handle our passing. If we try to ignore
death and pretend it won’t happen our survivors may have a more difficult time dealing with
the loss; if we acknowledge death and discuss how we want to spend our final days our
survivors may have more peace of mind.

When discussing how you want to die, think about what you want to get out of your final days.
Do you want to spend those days at home? If you have a terminal illness, do you want to try to
extend your time as long as possible but at the cost of your lucidity, or would you prefer to
simply manage your pain? When considering where you want to die, do some research into the
end-of-life care philosophy that’s adhered to by individual hospitals, then choose one that best
aligns with your desires.

If you have a desire to die in a different part of the world, remember that the approach to
death can differ greatly from country to country. For example, the United Kingdom has an open
approach to death, preferring to manage pain and ease patients into the afterlife, whereas
China sees death as a taboo subject.

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