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									West Kings District High School
PTSA meeting
February 12, 2008

Attending: Jackie Foster, John Morash, Arleen Lively, Annette Schofield, Eva Henshaw,
Andrea Blezy, Donna Griffin, Russell Pollard, Jeff McBean, Mary Walker-Hope, Vanda
Dow, Nancy Kelly

The meeting opened with a welcome from Vanda and introductions around the room.

Treasurer’s report – attached. Motion to approve report as presented, made by Russell
Pollard and seconded by Mary Walker-Hope, carried.

Principal’s report – no report

Student Council’s report – Andrea Blezy updated the meeting on recent student council
events including ‘Hats for Hearing’ which raised $802. A recent dinner fundraiser by the
yearbook committee raised $1,200. Upcoming events include a Valentine’s day
carnation sale, Wolverine mystery and AVRSB-sponsored girls activity week.

AVRSB report – presented by board representative Jackie Foster, attached.

Musical report – Grease director Mary Walker-Hope reported rehearsals are going well,
but the production still needs a person to lead costume work and also stage builders. A
sign up sheet is in the office. A logo competition has netted 7-8 submissions, one will be
chosen Feb. 14.

Business arising from the minutes

School enhancement fund – Vanda has met with Stuart Jamieson of the AVRSB to
discuss the site work already accomplished and pending. While there has been no formal
decision, she feels confident the school board may consider said work as fulfillment of
the school’s commitment towards facility enhancements.

Grad letter- Vanda was disappointed the original letter re the Feb. 20 grad meeting was
not addressed to parents/guardians as requested by the PTSA and that the PTSA was not
consulted about the date. Vanda sent a letter to Marion Mann expressing those concerns
and requesting issuance of a follow-up letter. That was done, but there appears to be
some lingering confusion about the items which will be discussed at the meeting. The
following motion was made and seconded by Jeff and Mary in response to this series of
miscommunications: That the PTSA contact the principal and request a note about the
meeting be added to the report cards of graduating students and also that the note require
a signature and be returned to the school with report cards. Motion carried.

Name change – henceforth the school will be known as West Kings District High School.
Donna Griffin moved and John Morash seconded a motion for the PTSA to draft a letter
requesting the school administration revise and standardize letterhead, stamps, stationary,
etc, (when re-order is required) to reflect the official name. Motion carried.

PTSA dance– Jeff McBean had no information to report , the committee is still looking
at hosting a dance.

School photos – the school has decided to go with Harvey Studios again in 2007/08.

AV room seating - Mr. Jamieson also recently toured the AV Room further to a school
request that the chairs and flooring be replaced, if possible by May 1. He agreed both
need to be replaced, AVRSB has agreed to negotiate its portion of associated costs.
Venrez is coming to the school Feb. 13 to provide a quote for the work.

Official opening has been rescheduled to March 28.

Extra credit questionnaire – can be accessed at the Dept of Education website, deadline
for submissions is February 8.

New business

Parents as career coaches – package attached

Golf tournament – need a committee struck to host event

Staff appreciation week . Jeff moved the PTSA spend up to $80 to purchase fruit trays
for staff , seconded by John Morash, motion carried. Vanda to follow up with a letter to
staff recognizing their contributions to the school.

Road concerns - Vanda reviewed the letter she faxed to Dr. Norm Dray re a recent
decision to leave bus travel in bad weather conditions when schools remain open to the
discretion of the bus drivers. (Attached) This action affected students in the AVRSB on
January 29, 31 and February 11. The PTSA is still awaiting a response from Dr. Dray.
Jackie noted if the response is not satisfactory to the PTSA, the letter be forwarded to the
AVRSB operations committee for consideration. Mary thanked Vanda for her leadership
on this issue.

Education week nomination – for parents who promote peace in the school community,
deadline Feb. 15.

NSFHSA survey – Vanda had copies to distribute.

Retirement gifts – the PTSA thinks it would be appropriate to set limits on amount spent
tied to year of service at West Kings. After discussion of amounts and criteria, the issue
was tabled to the April meeting.
Badminton team – is needing a coach, Miss Quartermaine has agreed to assist, but cannot
participate due to an injury. Jeff suggested contacting Les Filmore, who runs the 14
Wing badminton club, about helping out.

Constitutional amendments

Jeff introduced the following constitutional amendment: That Upon majority approval by
the PTSA executive, that the PTSA have access to discretionary funds totaling $200 for
emergency or time-sensitive expenses, details of which are to be brought forth at the next
scheduled PTSA meeting; and that an expenditure in excess of that amount will require a
special meeting of the PTSA, at which standard PTSA quorum rules will apply. Motion
seconded by John Morash, carried. This amendment must be included the next school
newsletter and voted at the PTSA in the month following publication.

Re membership of the PTSA - Membership is currently limited to parents, students, the
school principal and designate and all teaching staff of the school. Jeff introduced an
amendment that would see membership extended to parents, students, the school
principal and designate and all staff members of the school. Seconded by Donna Griffin
and carried. The amendment to be advertised in the March newsletter and voted on at the
April PTSA meeting.

In response to this amendment, Vanda said she needed to step down as president, given
that she does not meet the current constitutional requirements for membership. At this
point Mary Walker-Hope took over chairing the meeting. Vanda indicated that she
thought the constitution had been amended at the October meeting, but at no time was a
required notice of posting of the amendment in the school newsletter part of the

Jackie brought forward a motion to have the current president designate (Vanda Dow)
remain in the position until the amendment is formalized at the April PTSA meeting.
Seconded by Donna Griffin, motion carried.

Vanda accepted the interim position, noting that she looks forward to having the issue
resolved and to moving forward with the PTSA for the benefit of the school community.

Nancy moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Next meeting: April 8, 2008.

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