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Craft-a-thon by 3N7Izs5Z


                                        Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 9AM-2PM
                                           Vendor Reservation Form
Home Phone Number ________________________
Email Address _____________________________________________
Specifically explain what will you be selling at your booth?
Will you need power?         YES             NO     (We will do our best to get you by an outlet if need be.)

All proceeds will go toward Horicon High School Scholarships.

(Set up for vendors will be on Friday 5-6 p.m. or Saturday 7-9 a.m.) All vendors must bring own
tables, and have tables taken down by Saturday 4 p.m.) Vendors will be given a 10’x10’ spot for their
displays. We will not be asking vendors to donate items this year for our raffle, but if you would like to
donate something, that would be wonderful. Just bring it along with you.  Last year a few vendors
inquired about wanting to purchase a Craft-a-thon T-shirt. If you are interested, they will be 12 dollars.
Again, the profits go toward scholarships, and you will receive them on the day of the Craft-fair.

Ways   we will advertise for YOU! 
       Lots, and Lots, and Lots of posters up all over town.
       Large Signs around town.
       Radio-We will be doing public announcements on radio.
       Newspaper-We will get it in Daily Citizen, and Horicon Reporter.
       We will send flyers home with all Van Brunt students.
       We will put in announcements daily for High School Students.
       We will spread the word at Parent Teacher Conferences.
       Announce at the Horicon Musical.
       Put in the Horicon High Football team Programs

Send this form back with $20.00 to reserve your booth today! Add 12 dollars if you want a COOL
                               3rd Annual Craft-a-thon T-shirt.
                      Make checks out to: Horicon High School Craft-a-thon
                                            Send to:
                                      Horicon High School
                                          841 Grey St.
                                       Horicon, WI 53032
                             Attention: Kim Deibert/Craft-a-thon
Shirt Size: S     M      L     XL     XXL (An additional 2 dollars will be added for a XXL)

We hope to continue to grow our Craft-a-thon! This is the 3rd annual year, and we have hopes
every year it will get bigger and better, so that you can make a lot of money, and we can help
our students go to college! 

                        Questions call Kim Deibert or Jill Walker: 920-485-4441

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