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					                         ROOM PARENT/PARTY VOLUNTEER SHEET
                      Please fill out one form for each student and return no later than
                                          Friday, September 9, 2011
Student Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Teacher: _____________________________________________Grade______ K am: ____ K pm:____

Parent Name: ________________________________________Phone Number: __________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________________

     In an attempt to allow more parents to assist with holiday parties, one room parent will be selected for each
classroom. This person will organize and attend all three parties and will be the primary contact for teachers and PTA
committees with regards to homeroom activities. We will also be assigning a second parent volunteer for each party,
                 who will assist the room parent with plans as well as attend and help run the party.
Room Parent Responsibilities:
       Become a current member of the Farmersville PTA
       Complete the “Volunteer and School Helpers Application” and obtain a Tuberculosis test prior to the Halloween
        classroom party
       Coordinate and attend all three classroom parties: Halloween, Winter Holiday, & Valentine’s Day
       Coordinate a classroom donation for Basket Bingo
       If requested by the teacher, attend or assist with scheduling chaperones for field trips
       Optional: Coordinate holiday and year-end teacher gifts
       Other assistance to the teacher as requested
       Kindergarten Room Parents will also organize volunteers and supplies for the Thanksgiving Feast and the All-
        Kindergarten Gathering held in May
Selection Process:
       Must be a current PTA member
       Selection Committee consisting of Homeroom Activities Chairperson, PTA President, and School Principal, will
        make the selection. In the event that more than one parent has similar qualifications, a name will be drawn at

   Yes, I am interested in being the Primary Room Parent (I can attend all 3 parties):
       ____   I was never a Room Parent for this child.

       ____   I was a room parent for this child last year.

              Number of times I have been a room parent for this child: _____ Grades: _______________________

   Yes, I am interested in helping out:
       ____   Volunteer to help plan & run a classroom party with the primary room parent

              ___ Halloween (Oct 28th)     ___ Winter Holiday (Dec 22nd)   ___ Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th)

       ____   Provide snacks, refreshments, paper products, etc. for a party

       ____   Volunteer to help at Field Day (May 2012)

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