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                                    PSY 2941, BSC 2941
                                      Whale Watcher
                                    Sea World of Florida

1 credit hour                                                            8-12 hours a week

The Whale Watch internship is an exciting program. Students learn about the behaviors, training,
communication between whales, attachment and nursing behaviors of Orca’s at Shamu Stadium. Students
are required to be on duty 8 – 12 hours a week-in 4 hour increments; but the scheduling of these hours are
totally flexible with hours being scheduled 24/7/365. Students learn observation and data collection skills as
well as being given the opportunity to interact and talk with the trainers at Shamu Stadium. This is an
opportunity that many students enjoy and many return to the program for several different semesters. It is
a good interactive learning experience for each student. If you are interested in finding out more about this
program, please contact Dr. Debra Hollister at 407.582.2399 or

Each student will need to be enrolled as a student at Valencia and enrolled in the internship program. If
you have questions, please contact Dr. Debra Hollister of the Psychology Department – East Campus at
(407) 582-2399. Please do not contact anyone at Sea World before first talking with Dr. Hollister and getting
registered at Valencia Community College through the internship office. You will need to set up an
appointment with Dr. Hollister and bring a resume, an unofficial transcript and a copy of the internship
application to the interview. The internship application is available on-line through the Internship and
Placement Office at Valencia Community College.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the basics of psychology and
biology. Please share this information with your students and post it where they can see it. Internships can
be an important step in helping our students’ discover their interests and abilities.

For any questions regarding this program, please contact Dr. Debra Hollister at 407.582.2399 or The office is located in Building 1-361 on the East Campus of Valencia
Community College.

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