Minutes Of the meeting of the governing body held on 14th June 2011

Present: David Fry (chair), Norma Somerville, Jacky Hilary, Steve Whitton, Nicola
Duckworth, Theresa Sayers, Colin Welch, Colin Taylor (Headteacher), Tom
Kirkby, Cheryl Palmer, Margery Turner, Lesley Gibbons

Also present: Paul Boxall (Deputy Head), David Pamment (Clerk to the Governing

Apologies for absence were received from Sue Knight, Martin Lee, Diane Kutar and
Nigel Poole.

1. Declaration of Business Interests

1.1 Margery Turner declared her role as a governor of the temporary governing body for
Woodlands Meed School.

2. Chair’s Introduction

2.1 David Fry said the recent Ofsted inspection had proved a positive experience and the
College achieved a ‘good’ rating overall which showed a pleasing advance since the last
visit. The written report should be in the public arena by 23rd June and it was hoped the
College could gain some valuable positive media exposure as a consequence.
2.2 New lettings charges would need to be considered in any other business and the
updated educational visits for the summer term had been circulated for information –there
were no new visits requiring governing body approval.

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

3.1 The minutes of the governing body meeting held on 13th May 2011 were agreed.

4. Matters Arising

4.1 SEF Analysis: Colin said this action had been superseded by the Ofsted Inspection.
He would be revising the College SEF in the light of comments by the inspection team
and would re-circulate to governors for comment.
ACTION: Colin Taylor/All governors
4.2 Catchment Area Changes: It was reported that Sue Knight was following up the
governing body’s concerns directly with officers at WSCC.
4.3 College Image and Reputation: Colin Taylor said that a number of open days were
being planned for local community groups. He would invite members of the Burgess Hill
Town Council to visit the College to see it in action.
ACTION: Colin Taylor
4.4 HR Policies: Colin Taylor would circulate by email the new HR policies to both
Jacky Hilary and Theresa Sayers for review and report back to the governing body next
ACTION: Colin Taylor/Jacky Hilary/Theresa Sayers
4.5 Governing Body Membership: A number of more recently appointed governors
were still without password log-ins to the wsgfl website. The clerk would ensure that
these were available by the next meeting.
ACTION: David Pamment
4.6 All other actions on the Action List from last time had been completed.

5. Ofsted Inspection

5.1 Colin Taylor reported on the two day visit which had taken place on 8th and 9th June.
He had circulated a post inspection self-evaluation summary to governors. Colin said that
one of the points the inspectors made was that the current College SEF, although helpful,
was too long and too descriptive and should be more succinct and focus more on
outcomes and evidence. To this end he would be revising the document and would re-
circulate for governing body approval in due course. He also emphasised that the
inspection had demonstrated that the onus was on the College to provide evidence of
improvement and good practice,; it was not the inspectors role to go looking for it!
5.2 Colin summarised the Inspection findings which he said were broadly in line with the
College’s own assessments:
Achievements – currently satisfactory but on the ‘cusp’ of good.
Quality of Teaching – good
Leadership and Management –good
Behaviour and Safety – good
SMSC and Overall Judgement – good

He also highlighted some of the issues raised by the inspectors. On achievements, the
inspectors recognised that standards were improving significantly but needed to be
sustained and improved, particularly in relation to value added scores, to fully merit a
‘good’ assessment. The inspectors had not seen enough evidence of ‘learning’ in their
lesson observations on day 1 but the second day had been much better and all lessons
observed were graded good or outstanding. There was a need to ensure consistency of
good teaching practice across the College. The inspectors had been very complimentary
about the strength of the College leadership and management which demonstrated
evidence of driving the College forward. There was also greater ownership among staff
of the core College objectives and priorities for improvement. The governing body was
seen as working well and was both supportive and where appropriate, able to challenge.
The College had also demonstrated good practice in its safeguarding and child protection
5.3 Colin said the inspectors were impressed with the attitude, approach and behaviour of
students. Their findings on the ground were at variance to the perceptions of some
parents who had commented about lessons being disrupted in the Ofsted parent/carer
survey. This perception was particularly prevalent among parents of children in years 7
and 8. Governors discussed this issue further – it was evident that the poor behaviour of a
very small cohort of students was adversely affecting the reputation of the College and
needed to be addressed. Governors agreed that bringing teaching standards up to the level
of the best could greatly help improve behaviour in the classroom throughout the College.
5.4 Colin said the inspection had provided both an uplifting learning experience for the
College and given its positive outcome, provided strong motivation for staff to continue
to move forward and improve standards. There was a staff conference organised for 24th
June at which the leadership team would be hosting a congratulatory lunch to thank staff
for their efforts. David Fry said he would be attending to add the governing body’s
congratulations. The governing body formally recorded its congratulations and thanks to
staff and students on the inspection outcome.
5.5 It was agreed that the head should draw up a post Ofsted Action Plan linked to the
College Improvement Plan and refer for discussion and approval by the governing body
next time.
ACTION: Colin Taylor

6. Governor Focus Area Reports

6.1 Provision/Curriculum: Margery Turner gave a verbal update. She said that there
was evidence of a significant shift in staff attitudes in the past year –staff were better
informed through improved data systems; felt more empowered and supportive of the
College strategic direction and this in turn had led to improved performance in the
classroom. In response to questions from governors about any possible changes to the
curriculum, Colin Taylor said he would not be looking to change the options structure at
this stage; he felt it better to review in the light of any national policy or curriculum
6.2 Health and Safety: No report.

6.3 Staffing/Recruitment: Jacky Hilary gave a verbal update. A new Head of History
was required to replace Simon Fey who was leaving at the end of term. Governors noted
the positive comments from Ofsted about the History Department due largely to Simon’s
leadership and asked that their best wishes for the future be passed on to him.
ACTION: Colin Taylor
Two modern language specialists were still required for September. Jacky also mentioned
that there had been two appeals following the recent redundancy process; strategies were
in place to resolve these amicably. In response to questions Colin Taylor confirmed that
with a likely year 7 intake in September of only 182, only 6 tutor groups would be

7. Day Nursery (please see confidential minute attached)

8. Headteacher’s Report

8.1 Colin Taylor presented his monthly written report which had been circulated to
governors. He highlighted a number of issues:
8.1.1 He would welcome any comments on the structure and content of the new website.
Governing body documentation would be placed on there for future meetings.
8.1.2 Options for year 9 were currently being finalised.
8.1.3 Four Ghanaian teachers were visiting the College next week as part of the exchange
programme – reciprocal visits to Ghana were being planned for next year.
8.1.4 The ‘Meeds Campus’ middle management development programme was now
underway.Although London Meed School had not been involved to date Colin was
hopeful that this would change with the appointment of the new headteacher who had
started this term.
8.1.5 The STEM day on 23rd June included a challenge with Hazelwick School to design
and make a rocket powered car.
8.1.6 Colin referred to the statistics, produced for the Ofsted inspection, showing that
Oakmeeds’ GCSE performance was better than the national average with all groups
except SEN statements.
8.1.7 There had been four racist incidents since the last meeting, 15 overall in the
academic year, and one complaint from a parent which he was currently investigating.
8.2 Governors discussed a recent incident at a train station involving a group of
Oakmeeds’ students. It was agreed that the College should take appropriate sanctions
against the offenders, including not allowing them to go on any planned educational

9. Governor Training Update

9.1 Lesley Gibbons referred to the recent on-line training course she had undertaken
which she found a really positive experience.

10. Forthcoming College Events

10.1 Governors had been notified of the Summer Sounds concert on 23rd June. Colin
Taylor also mentioned the staff conference on 24th June and invited governors to join
staff for lunch.

11. Any Other Business

11.1 Lettings Charges: The governing body approved the 5% uplift in lettings charges
proposed in Pam brown’s report which had been circulated.
11.2 Park Centre: Norma Somerville updated governors on progress. Although the
youth clubs were now closed the committee, now chaired by Liz Bennett was working
with the Burgess Hill town Council to try to provide as much support as possible within
available resources to youth in the local community.

12. Date of Next Meeting: 8.00am Friday 15th July 2011 (to include the AGM)

1. Colin Taylor to circulate College SEF for comment

2. Burgess Hill Town Council to be invited to college open Day (Colin Taylor)

3. Jacky Hilary and Theresa Sayers to review revised HR policies

4. Wsgfl passwords to be issued to more recently appointed governors (David

5. Post Ofsted Inspection Action Plan to be drawn up for reference and approval by
the governing body (Colin Taylor)

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