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Term Paper - Download as DOC by t7tz24K


									                                       PSYC 200
                                 Term Paper – Spring 2010
Topic Due:            2/17/10                        Paper Due Date:       5/5/2010
Point Value:          50 pts.

 To discuss a career direction in psychology or psychological services that is of interest to you.
 To showcase you ability to conform to APA style and the rules of formal English.

Content Requirements:
 Describe your interest (or lack of interest) in a specific psychology-related career.
         o Why you are interested, brief history of your interest, etc.
 Provide a brief history of the career
         o How it got started / who is considered the “pioneer”
         o What workers in the field are doing today
 Describe the nature of the career itself
         o What is the nature of the work you would be doing in this career?
         o Try to describe some (1-2) of the key issues workers in this career deal with.
         o Is this career in academia, government, private industry, non-profit, etc.?

Length and Formatting:
 Your paper must contain the main sections of an APA manuscript:
          o Title Page
          o Abstract
          o Body
          o References (at least 2, you’ll probably use more; 1 must be a peer-reviewed source)
 The Body of the paper should contain the following
          o An introductory paragraph
          o Headings that separate the paper into logical sections
          o Answers to the above questions, in any order that you see fit (as long as it makes logical
          o A closing paragraph
 The Body should be no longer than 4 pages (you’ll have to be consise—answer the questions
   without extensive elaboration) and no shorter than 2 ½ pages.
 Follow all APA formatting guidelines concerning spacing, font size/style, numbers, word choice,

 I formally encourage all students to submit their papers to their peers or the ARC writing center for
   revision, proof-reading, etc. (only AFTER you’ve thoroughly attempted your own revisions /
 HOWEVER, you and only you are the author of your paper. If you plagiarize by quoting a source
   without giving credit or letting someone else write your paper (or a part of your paper) for you, you
   will receive a zero on this assignment.
 I want quality more than quantity. You will receive a higher grade for a 2 ½-page paper with no
   errors than a 4-page paper with one error.

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