�The Seven Second Solution� by HC121109021215


									                         “The Seven Second Solution”

1. Can anger be used constructively?

2. Do hormones play a role in anger?

3. What do alcohol and drugs do to affect aggressive tendencies?

4. How is poor verbal ability related to impulsive aggression?

5. How does the anonymity of the highway vehicle demonstrate itself in aggression?
6. If stress is not the only factor in triggering aggression, then what does psychologist
Nathan Pollok suggests is a main factor?

7. What is the difference between assertive behavior and aggressive behavior?

8. How can being assertive lessen aggressive behavior?

9. What is the difference between feelings of guilt and feelings of shame?

10. What is the “mistaken belief” that angry people have connect to the therapy unit?

11. When is the best time to tackle anger? How does this tie in to our learning this year?

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