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                                Values and Lifestyles
                             Dr. Kathleen Taylor Brown

                                   Assignment #______
Due Date:     _________

VALS (Values and Lifestyles) is a widely accepted segmentation system based on
consumers’ psychographics. This system has been used by many marketers in helping
them to more accurately target a particular group of consumers.

For this assignment, I would like for you to determine your VALS type. This can be done
by completing the VALS questionnaire that is available on the Internet. The web site
address for this questionnaire is After
completing the survey, the VALS system will indicate what primary and secondary VALS
types best describe you.


Please answer the following questions in paragraph form, double-spaced.

Explain the characteristics of your primary VALS type.

Do you agree with the VALS interpretation of you? Why, why not?

Using your primary VALS type, find 2 print ads that you believe are targeted toward this
group. Write one paragraph for each ad, explain how the ad accomplishes this. Is there a
particular appeal or stimulus that is used in each of these ads as a trigger for your

How do you believe this VALS segment should be marketed to and why?

Who do you believe would be a good celebrity to use in advertising toward this segment
and why?

Do you believe that VALS is an accurate way to segment the market? Why or why not?

Thank you,

Dr. Taylor Brown
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