JROTC Drill Team Mustang HS by 0N5Ie5


									                                    JLAB 2012

                          JROTC UNIT BEST PRACTICE

                                JROTC Drill Team

                Mustang High School JROTC – Mustang, OK
We have an excellent drill program here at Mustang High School. Our program
ranges anywhere from unarmed exhibition to regulation drill to armed exhibition.
Our teams practice on week days from 1530-1700 and are very dedicated to
looking our best. Our honor guard oversees the drill teams and organizes the
practices so that they will not overlap. We want our cadets to be able to
participate in as many teams as possible.

We are proud to have won first place with our armed exhibition team at our first
competition, Top of Texas. Our team consists of 8 members and 2 alternates that
make up a completely unique routine that shows off their precision in drill,
regulation, and rifle spinning. Our unarmed exhibition team, consisting of 12
members, have earned second place at our second drill competition, Sooner
Stakes. Our exhibition teams have grown tremendously and improved
significantly in the past few years.

We also have a Let I drill team that teaches the basics of armed and unarmed
regulation drill. This team is a great starter team and allows us to work one-on-
one with our cadets to make sure that they learn the movements correctly. This
team is commanded by a LET II which allows them to improve their commanding
skills as well.

Lastly, we are starting up a new drill class that we hope will aide in the process of
perfecting our teams and the camaraderie between the members. This class will
be separate from our JROTC class but will work hand in hand with the leadership
lessons and skills taught in class. This class is meant for our most advanced cadets,
and we have high hopes for it.

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