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									Australian Embassy in Canada: They can help
            foreign students much
• People all know that foreigners must
  have visas to enter another country
  and the process of applying a visa is
  really difficult and take a lot of time
  and effort. The first thing to care
  about is the type of visa. Everyone
  must get the correct type of visa.

• There are different types of visas that
  are different in purpose of entering
  and staying, the privileges and
  period of staying. The types of visa in
  each country is far different from
  each other, each country has its own
  way of dividing. For example, there
  are 6 types of visa in Australia.
• The 6 types are: The Australian business visa, The
  Australian tourist visa, The Australian business
  sponsored visa, The Australian working holiday visa,
  The Australian student visa and The General skilled
  migration visa.

• For Australia, student visa maybe the most popular type of
  visa. Australia is one of the hottest destinations of abroad
  students. There are a lot of top, famous universities and
  colleges, or even high schools that attract a massive amount
  of students all over the world to take part in.

•   A lot of Australian are ranked as the top universities of the
    world, they are The University of Queensland, The University
    of Sydney, The University of Western Australia, The University
    of Adelaide, The Australian National University, The University
    of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales and The
    Monash University.
• Apart from the prestige of the
  Australian colleges, there are one
  more reason that make student over
  the world want to be educated in

• The Australian governments often
  invest a lot of money to in education.
  For example, in 2009 they have
  invested 14.7 billion $ to improve the
  infrastructure of school and institute.

• http://www.embassy-
• These all make the way to be
  students of an Australian
  university or college really hard.
  A lot of criterion, exam and
  interview will be carried out
  before the decision. Getting a
  visa is also a real challenge. The
  Australian student visa is
  required. There are some major
  requirements for a visa: the
  applicant must prove his ability
  in term of financial, spending for
  studying duration, insurance
  coverage and so on. Be
  proficient in English is another
  requirement. If English is the
  second language of the
  applicants must pass IELTS.
• The best way to apply for a Australian student visa
  is through the Australian embassy in your country.

• If you are in Canada, go to Australian Embassy
  in Canada or Australian Embassy in Ottawa.

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