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									Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                                  March 2006

                                                                      Dean Williams
                                                         I report this article with a heavy heart. On Saturday
                                                         February 25 2006, Dean Williams passed away. I
                                                         have to express my heartfelt sorrow for Dean and
                                                         his family. Also the law enforcement community
                                                         that Dean worked with. And his friends that will
                                                         miss a great competitor and man.
                                                          I remember Dean teasing me about my “purple
                                                         gun” that was actually blue. He always made it a
                                                         point to tease me about that “purple gun” right
                                                         before entering a shooting box. He tried to mess up
                                                         my concentration. I knew it was all in fun so I didn’t
                                                         let bother me. That was Dean!
                                                         I teased him about his stage design. Most all of his
                                                         stages were about the width and length of an
                                                         airplane. That’s what he worked in, so it was
                                                         reflected in his stage design. He knew it was all in
                                                         fun. Dean could dish it out and take it.
                                                          I have videos of Dean being a RO at the matches.
                                                         He always helped in one way or another. His humor
                                                         will be sadly missed. Steve Knoll and Dean teased
                                                         each other all the time. I remember Dean teasing
                                                         Steve about something I can’t write about here and
                                                         the look on Steve’s face was pure laughter. Steve
                                                         had a hard time concentrating on his shooting
 If anyone has any stories about Dean please             during that stage. I’ll always miss that sense of
send them to me so I can put them in the                 humor.
                                                          Dean told me once that I ought to become an Air
              Jerry Anderson                             Marshall. He said with my long hair and the unusual
All Opinions and articles contained in this newsletter   (hippie) look that I had, no one would ever notice
are opinions of the contributors only.                   me. I don’t mind flying but every day would not be
                                                         fun. This was totally out of the question. I’m sure he
Please send all articles or classified ads to Jerry
                                                         was teasing me again. That was Dean.
Anderson at
                                                         It won’t be the same without Dean Williams at the
                                                         shooting range or in friends and family’s lives. We
                                                         will miss him forever.

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                                                         “You could draw that conclusion,” he said. “It’s one
                                                         of the more common themes.”
           WOMEN'S REVENGE
                                                          Lightfoot said one lesson from the shooting is the
"Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items    importance of experienced hunters taking education
the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for         programs to alert them to potential dangers. Texas
her wallet I noticed a remote control for a television   requires that all hunters born after Sept. 2, 1971, take
set in her purse.                                        the courses to hunt in the state. Lightfoot said the
"So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked.       program has resulted in fewer accidents, even
 "No," she replied, “but my husband refused to           though the state is issuing more hunting licenses
come shopping with me, and I figured this was the        than ever.
most evil thing I could do to him legally."
                                                          In 1996, there was an average of 12.6 accidents per
                                                         100,000 hunting licenses. That was reduced to 2.7
                                                         per 100,000 in 2004.

Accident typical of hunting mishaps                       There were two hunting fatalities in Texas last year,
                                                         down from four in 2004. The state’s worst year on
As hunting accidents go, the Saturday shooting           record for hunting accidents was 1968, when 105
involving Vice President Dick Cheney has a               accidents were reported, including 37 fatalities. (No
depressingly look about it.                              animals were killed that year, editor.)
 The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has
compiled data on more than 2,500 hunting accidents
in the state since 1966 and concluded there’s an                     Hunting Injuries
uncanny and recurring profile: Most hunting              The most common weapon involved in hunting
accidents involve white males who have more than         injuries in 2002
10 years of hunting experience; the accident happens
in the late afternoon on a weekend; the victim is in     Shotgun                54.0 percent
open cover with clear visibility; and do alcohol or      Rifle                  30.7 percent
drugs are involved.
  The hunting accident involving Cheney occurred         Bow                    4.4 percent
late Saturday afternoon on the 50,000-acre               Handgun                 3.9 percent
Armstrong ranch in south Texas. (Texas, holy dog
s@#t, only steers and queers are from Texas.)            Unknown                4.0 percent

 The accident report compiled Monday by game             Other                  3.0 percent
warden Jason Duke said that both Cheney and the          Game Involved
victim, Austin attorney Harry Whittington, were
                                                         Deer                   46.4 percent
wearing blaze-orange safety vests and caps, the
weather was listed as sunny and clear, and the           Other                  27.5 percent
topography of the land was flat. Duke checked the        Turkey                 10.6 percent
box stating that no drugs or intoxicants were
involved.                                                Squirrel               7.3 percent
Steve Lightfoot, a spokesman for the wildlife agency,    Pheasant               5.1 percent
said the report of the Cheney shooting appears to        Quail                  3.1 percent
fall into a similar pattern that game wardens have
noted for the past 40 years.

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                                                    Courts weigh city’s ability to write gun laws
            From the USPSA Website                  The city of Denver told the Colorado Court on
Upcoming shooting events around the country that    Wednesday that it wants to protect its citizens by
every shooter should know about.                    being able to write its own gun laws.
              Calendar of Events                     But the state of Colorado said the laws should be
                                                    written by the state legislature to provide gun-
3/24/2006 Double Tap Championship                   legislation consistency and to avoid a hodgepodge of
Double Tap Ranch, Wichita Falls, TX                 regulations written by home-rule cities such as
3/24/2006 Florida State Championship                  The arguments were heard by the justices and
Frostproof, FL                                      about 600 students at Arapahoe High School.
                                                     The justices are expected to rule within the next two
3/24/2006 Alabama Section Championship              months.
New Hope, AL                                         At issue was a November 2004 ruling by Denver
                                                    Judge Joseph Meyer III that allows Denver to
4/07/2006 South Carolina Section Championship       regulate assault weapons, “Saturday night specials”
Columbia, SC                                        and the open carrying of guns despite the state of
                                                    Colorado’s claim that legislation passed in 2003
4/23/2006 WI Section Match                          stripped the city of that power.
Holmen, Wisconsin                                    Meyer concluded that while the state has an interest
                                                    in the regulation of firearms to protect the
4/27/2006 Springfield Armory Single Stack Classic   constitutional right of a person to keep and bear
USPSA Provisional Single Stack National             arms, that right is not absolute.
                                                     He said home-rule cities such as Denver may enact
Pasa Park, Barry, Illinois                          gun regulations if such regulations are a reasonable
4/28/2006 Space City Challenge                      exercise of the government’s police power. Meyer’s
                                                    ruling was appealed to the Supreme Court.
Houston, TX
                                                     During the arguments, Colorado General Allison
4/28/2006 Golden Bullet Championship                Eid, representing the state, and Denver Assistant
                                                    City Attorney David Broadwell went at it.
Sloughhouse, CA
                                                     Broadwell argued that for years, Denver has
5/05/2006 Area 6 Championship                       regulated firearms. He said home-rule cities should
                                                    be able to implement their own regulations because
South River Gun Club, Covington (ATL), GA
                                                    of the unique characteristics of each. In Denver, for
5/19/2006 Mississippi Classic                       instance, strict gun laws were implemented because
Jackson, MS                                         the city suffers rates of violent crime above state
5/20/2006 Spud Gun 2006: The Idaho State IPSC        “In urban environment, different regulations
Championship                                        apply,” Broadwell said.
                                                     The argument is about whether a person can walk
Gem County Rod and Gun Club                         around downtown Denver with a loaded firearm, he
Emmett, Idaho                                       said.
                                                     Denver has ripped the state legislature; saying that
5/26/2006 Iowa Section 2006                         in 2003, it passed far-reaching laws that gutted local
Osceola, Iowa                                       firearms regulations by declaring gun laws to be a
                                                    matter of “statewide concern.” By using that phrase,
                                                    the legislature trumped the ability of cities such as
                                                    Denver to pass their own gun ordinances.

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                                                          If it’s a success, he will consider making it an even
But Eid said it is imperative that there be              bigger, three-day match with more stages. For
uniformity of gun laws in the state.                     now, Ara is focused on getting the match off the
 Eid argued that with a wide array of gun laws,          ground. He’s aiming for a huge cash pay pack for
citizens don’t know their rights when traveling in       top three overall in each division and top three in
Colorado. In one city, their actions may be lawful;      each class in addition to live music, BBQ and
in another, unlawful. Eid told the justices the case     possibly a shooting clinic and side match. “When I
is similar to the one where the legislature imposed
                                                         have 13 bays to work with and a very
statewide uniformity in the use of photo-radar
                                                         accommodating host SASS club, the possibilities
systems over the objections of four home-rule
                                                         are endless”. He’s excited to report that the
 “In photo-radar, we weren’t dealing with a              response has been nothing but positive with
constitutional right. In this case, we are,” she said.   twenty entries in just a few weeks since
                                                         announcement but added he wants to see a waiting
                                                         list come match day.

It’s a go for the Cheyenne Shootout and
Wyoming State Championship!                              The Shootout is scheduled for July 8-9, 2006 and
                                                         is combined this year with the Wyoming State
                                                         Championship. Six stages will be shot on Saturday
Ara is working up a whole new recipe for this            starting at 8:00 AM and four on Sunday also at
match and resorting back to one of the founding          8:00AM. Set up is scheduled for Thursday and
Principles of IPSC, which states in part, “The           Friday before the match and Ara is asking for
challenge presented in practical competition must        everyone to chip in, especially those that can drive
be realistic…” In that spirit, Ara is adamantly          up for the day. If you can commit to helping on a
opposed to using what he calls “bubble gum” or           given day or if you have questions, you are asked
carnival props such as the Texas Star or windmill        to email Ara at
targets at a big match. “All stages will follow a
practical rationale and simulate a sensible,
hypothetical situation in which firearms may
reasonably be used,” Ara declared, quoting
Principle #6 of the old USPSA Handbook. “It’s a
difficult task for stage designing but I feel strongly
enough about it and just want to inject a little more
reality.” He explained that the Shootout is not to
be confused with a “tactical” match, however. “My
goal as Match Director is to provide a true
experience at every stage without confusing or
ambushing the shooter into failure,” he said.
Ara is planning on making the Shootout an annual
event and is aggressively marketing nationwide to
include top shooters. He wants to see it become a
match on the “circuit” with greats such as Robby
Leatham, who he disclosed may be attending along
with many others.

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                          2006 Match Schedule for Colorado

   Club          Jan      Feb      Mar        Apr       May    Jun       Jul     Aug     Sep       Oct    Nov        Dec
 Weld Steel       7         4        4          1        6       3        1       5        2        7       4         2
   AGC            1         5        5          2        7       4        2       6        3        1       5         3
IDPA CCPS         14        11      11          8       13      10        8       12       9       14       11        9
Bianchi AGC       14        11      11          8       13      10        8       12       9       14       11        9
 Boulder          8         12    no match      9       14      11        9       13      10        8       12   no match
  PPPS            8         12      12       no match   14      11        9       13      10        8       12       10
  HPPS            21        18      18         15       20      17       15       19      16       21       18       16
 AGC 3-Gun        21        18      18         15       20      17       15       19      16       21       18       16
   Weld           15        19      19         16       21      18       16       20      17       15       19       17
IDPA Pueblo       15        19      19         16       21      18       16       20      17       15       19       17
  PSAC            28        25      25         22       27      24       22       26      23       28       25       23
  CCPS          Ck club Ck club     26         23       28      25       23       27      24       29       26    Ck club
Pueblo 3-Gun      22        26      26         23       28      25       23       27      24       29       26   no match
Weld Revolver

Boulder Steel     29     no match no match     30       29    no match   30    no match no match   29    no match no match

                                               PSAC Contacts
                 President/Stage Design                                         RW Swainson
                                                                               (303) 202-0299
                 Vice President /Board Members                                    Matt Hess
                                                                                Noah Yetter
                                                                                  Al Hamor
                 Introduction to IPSC                                            Steve Knoll
                                                                               (303) 789-2791
                 Treasurer, Sign-Up, Prizes                                     Roger Briden
                                                                               (303) 402-0682
                 Stats                                                           Al Hamor &
                                                                               Harvey Arnold
                 Legal                                                            Todd Linn
                 Controller                                                    Dan Predovich
                 Newsletter                                                    Jerry Anderson
                                                                               (970) 690-7957

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Steve Knoll has the following items for sale:
Armscor 1400E .22 bolt-action rifle, stainless
steel, iron sights, virtually new, $185.
Steve Knoll, 303-789-2791,

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