Network and Printing Update by HC121109021054


									                       Network and Printing Update
We have purchased a new server which is called Bigben. This will improve network
performance. All data including your folders, Staff_Common etc have been
transferred to the new Bigben.

A technician will be onsite next week to sort our some printer issues in the meantime,
for those who wish to print, here is a workaround.

All printing is controlled by our servers Bigben and Bigben-old (last year’s server
which has been renamed)

To avoid printing issues do the following:

Delete all your printers – found in Start > Printers and Faxes (click on a printer icon,
press delete and confirm you wish to delete the printer.

Colour Printing: Adding the Konica Admin printer

Open My Computer
In the address bar type: \\bigben      press enter

You will see all the shared resources on our network including printers.
Double click the Konica Admin printer icon

This will install the printer on your computer
Once it is listed in your printers and faxes folder, right click on it and select printing

If you wish to print to the Konica in admin (colour printing) you must have your
“Department Name and Password” – Check with Jane or Geneve for this info

For all other printers, see next page
All other printers are still controlled by Bigben-old
Open My Computer
In address bar type: \\bigben-old     press Enter

All shared resources including printers are listed.
Find the printer that you wish to use and double click.

This will add the printer to your computer

Samsung MFP1 is found in year 3 wet area.

If you have problems contact Cath, Annette, Jane or Geneve

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