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									                        Summerville Place Gazette
                                            Committees                 Summerville Place HOA
August/September 2007             Newsletter         Park
                                                                              PO Box 116
                                  Pond                                  St. George, SC. 29477
Monthly Meeting Times             Landscape          Special Events          843-563-4875
Monday, August 6th                Welcome
                                  Yard of the Month
7:00 PM
                                  Crime Watch         Helping Hand
Perkins (Trolley Rd.)
Residents Welcome!
                                  Architectural Review Board             Visit Our Website

 HOA/Community Meeting                                                      Pizza and Prizes!
  Monday, September 10th
         7:00 PM                                                         Meet our Pond Manager
 Miles Rd. Baptist Church                                                Pond Maintenance News

                                           Hot Topics

The HOA Board holds monthly meetings in addition to our quarterly Community meetings in order
to discuss plans, ideas, issues, and concerns regarding our neighborhood. All meetings have been
open to the residents this year and are advertised in our newsletter and on our website. In addition,
the Community Meetings are advertised on a sign at the subdivision entrance. Each committee is
addressed at all meetings and an open discussion is conducted in order to answer questions and
concerns. The meetings are also a time to recruit new volunteers. Food is served and prizes are
given away at all Community Meetings. Your participation and support are greatly encouraged.

The Town of Summerville will be repainting our streetlights in the next few months. We ask all
residents with a light pole in their yard to trim back any trees that may hinder this project. Thanks!

The HOA is in the process of making plans to improve our park. Residents with children and
grandchildren are encouraged to send in any suggestion to us about what kind of equipment and
amenities you would like added. Please call Behling or e-mail us at with
your ideas and suggestions.

The Summerville Place Crime Watch Committee would like to remind our residents that most
household burglaries occur during daytime hours and can happen even when someone is home.
Keep your doors locked at all times. Call 875-1650 to report any suspicious activity in your area.
Many thanks to Cpl. John O’Meara of the Summerville Police Department for his volunteer service.

If you have experienced a recent tragedy, illness, or have had a spouse deployed and you are in need
of assistance with basic lawn care, please contact our Helping Hand Committee through Behling or
email us at and we will be happy to provide you temporary assistance.

Members of the HOA voted in June to have the family of geese relocated. Many concerns had come
to the attention of the Board regarding the geese. These are not migratory geese protected by law.
They are being relocated by Pest Management Recourses to a new home and they are being kept
together as a family.
       Basic Restrictions                                           Trash Schedule
Garbage cans should not be seen          Household Garbage – Friday
from the street.

Vehicles should be parked in the
driveway. Recreational vehicles          Recycle – Friday
such as boats, campers, trailers, etc.   1st and 3rd Paper
should be concealed behind a             2nd and 4th Co-mingle
privacy fence or parked in a storage     No pick up on the 5th Friday
                                         Yard Debris – Monday (paper bags)
Lawns should be mowed, trimmed,
and edged. Bushes should be              Bulk Items (furniture, carpet, junk)
trimmed and flowerbeds should be         Monday, August 13th & September 17th. Items should be placed on the
weeded and mulched.                      curb no more than two days prior to pick up. See our website for more
Please keep in mind that these
restrictions help to beautify            Appliances/water heaters
our community and increase               Call the Town of Summerville @ 851-5210
                                         Your outdoor home improvement project must be approved by the ARB.
the value of our homes. For a            For more info, check out our website at SummervillePlace.Com or call
complete copy of the                     843-563-4875.
covenants and restrictions
visit our website at
Or call 843- 563-4875.                   Completed ARB request forms should be mailed to:
                                         Summerville Place HOA/ARB
                                         PO Box 116
                                         St. George, SC. 29477
        To report a concern regarding restrictions, call Debby at Behling @ 843-563-4875.

        For your convenience, the trash schedule is posted in our newsletter & on our website
Items should be placed on the curb no more than two days prior to pick up. Placing items on the
curb prior to the scheduled pick up time detracts from the beauty and value of our neighborhood.
Residents who place items on the curb prior to the scheduled time are subject to a restriction notice.
                  The HOA Board appreciates your understanding and cooperation.

                                                     Jasen & Brandy Sewell – Alwyn
                                                     Brian & Jessica Ross – Upcerne
                                                     Amy Williams – Alwyn
                                                     Robert & Catherine Duffy – Alwyn
                                                     Brian Tuten & Dee Aukstikalnis
  If you have been here 3 months and you were missed by our Welcome Committee, please call Debby
      @ 843-563-4875 or visit our website. Our goal is to give every newcomer a personal welcome.

             June                          YARD OF THE MONTH                              July
        644 Alwyn Blvd.                                                              602 Salterton St.
        Congratulations!                                                             Congratulations!
       This year’s Yard of the Month winners will be eligible for our end of the year grand prize drawing.
                                   In Recognition
      Members of the HOA have done a great job so far this year!
     Here is a list of some of our accomplishments thus far in 2007:
Pond clean up day
Park clean up day
Picking up of trash in our streets and common areas
Pressure washing of equipment and fence at the park
Purchase and replacement of signs; yard of month, park, crime watch, etc.
Painting of wooden pond signs
Pressure washing and painting of fence at entrance, to be continued
Replacement of stop signs and street signs due to vandalism or wear and tear
Repairing of potholes in the street
Painting of street lights to be done by Town of Summerville
Approved a landscape plan, continued from last year
Planning future lighting project & new equipment for park
Met with Town Engineer on our pond water level issues
Met with pond management company on pond conditions
Planning future project to help with water level and erosion issues at ponds
Started a Helping Hand Committee
Extra police patrols for our subdivision
Spring Fling

      The HOA is organized by a group of dedicated volunteers.
    Currently the HOA has ten committees and two sub-committees.

 If you have any suggestions on community improvements, we
 encourage you to share your ideas with us at our next meeting
       or you can contact us at the HOA at 843-563-4875
           or via e-mail at
 Volunteers are always needed and your support is appreciated!

   “There is no privilege that does not have its resulting responsibility.”
                                           MANY THANKS
     Thanks to our neighbor Kathy Moylan of Prudential Carolina Real Estate
     For providing our neighborhood with flags to celebrate Independence Day.

                                       Hire Your Neighbor
     To advertise your Summerville Place business, see our website or call 843- 563-4875.
                                Limited Space is available.
                The HOA assumes no responsibility for any product or service.
            Courtney Zipenco                                     Window Works
  Keller Williams Real Estate Consultant                           Chet Melton
               843-343-5885                                          821-2837                     
                      See more on our website at

Thanks go out to the HOA Board, our Committees, and all our volunteers for their efforts in our
  community. And Thanks to you, the residents, for making Summerville Place a great place!

     Please drive safely and watch for children getting on and off the bus.

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