This man appeared on the cover of the Dreamcast game NCAA College Football 2K2 by k3pv2RLb


Tossups by Minnesota (Mike Cheyne)

This man once guest starred on the Law and Order episode “Wager,” playing Drew Harding, who in a deleted scene can be seen
flirting with Jill Hennessy’s character. The former husband of this man’s current wife died on 9/11, and a supposed “Curse” associated
with this man is related to a lopsided deal involving him and relief pitcher Neil Allen. During a 2006 game while broadcasting, this
man castigated the San Diego Padres for having a “girl in the dugout,” but later apologized by saying “I love you gals out there—
always have.” In one television appearance, this man lost a girlfriend because of his smoking habit, but also revealed that it was Roger
McDowell and not this man, who spat on Newman and Kramer. Now noted for extolling a product with Walt “Clyde” Frazier, FTP,
name this Just for Men hawker and famed Seinfeld guest star, a first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets noted for
his superb defense and his even more superb mustache.
ANSWER: Keith Hernandez

This man guest starred on an episode of Coach as a Delivery Man, while in an episode of “Married With Children,” he stands next to
Kelly Bundy as she sings the National Anthem at a NBA All-Star event. In the film Space Jam, this man eloquently cites the film
Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a reason for not entering his team’s locker room before donning a gas mask. A 1990 commercial
saw this man’s lines of “no problem” and “I am no longer irritating” subtitled as he hawked a Schick razor with teammates Mychal
Thompson and A.C. Green. Along with Darryl Dawkins, he recently appeared in a Taco Bell commercial where he easily defeats out
of shape office workers in a company roundball game. Dubbed the “number one flopper of all time” by P.J. Brown, FTP, name this
man who played center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, and Sacramento Kings, a hulking dude noted for being Serbian.
ANSWER: Vlade Divac

According to the book Bets, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, the 1954 playing of this game was fixed by mobsters who placed horse laxatives
in the soup consumed by one team. The first eight times this game was held saw the same team win each time, all by a shutout,
including 67-0 and 75-0 pastings. During the first playing of this game, the ball reportedly fell into an icy creek, prompting players to
dive in to retrieve it. The winner of this game receives a trophy modeled after a bell clapper in one of the universities’ oldest buildings.
One story about this game’s name says that it was actually coined to describe a wrestling competition between the teams. The same
team has won every year since 2002, when Les Miles brought a victory for the perennial underdog in this matchup, while last year’s
game saw a 61-41 offensive explosion sparked by quarterbacks Zac Robinson and Sam Bradford. FTP, name this intrastate rivalry
game between colleges in Stillwater and Norman, which takes its name from a word meaning “madhouse.”
ANSWER: Bedlam Series (accept Oklahoma State/Oklahoma rivalry until “Stillwater and Norman”)

This team once sported a configuration of players dubbed the “Uke Line” for their Ukrainian heritage. The first owner of this team
also once owned Suffolk Downs, a feat which prompted Kenesaw Mountain Landis to demand this team’s owner to sell the baseball
team he also owned. This team’s noted forward line all enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 1940’s, with patriotic angst
stirred regarding that line’s nickname, the “Kraut Line.” This team employed Willie O’Ree, the first ever African American to play in
the NHL, and this team also utilized the first ever Zamboni machine. The most famous Stanley Cup play involving this team features a
player, after being tripped by Noel Picard, seemingly flying through the air like Superman. FTP, name this hockey team, the subject of
the song “Time to Go” by the Dropkick Murphys, which won the 1970 Stanley Cup behind Bobby Orr and which were notably
captained by Ray Bourque from 1985 to 2000.
ANSWER: Boston Bruins (accept either)

Year and team required. This team only made two trades during the regular season, including picking up a player whose career ended
after that season apparently due to Parkinson’s disease, Ben Petrick. A crucial game on the second to last day of the season saw this
team rally from being down 8-0 to stun the Minnesota Twins, winning the game on a wild pitch thrown by Jesse Orosco. Another
important game that season occurred in September when this team lost to the Blue Jays despite the best efforts of Brian Kingman and
his voodoo doll. As of 2009, only one position player on this team remains with the franchise, but now can be seen at third base rather
than behind the plate. The final team played for by Steve Avery, Warren Morris, and Dean Palmer, FTP, name this team, noted for ace
pitcher Mike Maroth earning 21 losses and for losing 119 games, the most in American League history.
ANSWER: 2003 Detroit Tigers (accept 2003 Detroit or 2003 Tigers)

This franchise is the team opposed by the titular character’s city league team “Clean Sweep” in a charity exhibition game in the classic
film Slam Dunk Ernest. After being fired from the New York Knicks, Dennis Farina’s character, Coach John Bailey, becomes coach
of this franchise in the comedy film Eddie, which ends with a final game between the Knicks and this team and featured cameos by
then-current players Joe Wolf and Scott Burrell. This team’s then-point guard once appeared on “Saturday Night Live” where he and
Charles Barkley underwent therapy from Stuart Smalley. This team’s first ever retired number was #13, in honor of a shooting guard
killed in an automobile accident, Bobby Phills. With its original name a reference to a remark of Lord Cornwallis about American
resistance to British occupation, FTP, name this NBA franchise where Larry Johnson won Rookie of the Year, where Muggsy Bogues
patrolled point guard, and which now features Chris Paul as its team captain.
ANSWER: Charlotte Hornets (accept Charlotte or New Orleans Hornets, even though almost none of the clues refer to New
One scene in this work is set in Graceland, where a character views Elvis’ three television sets. At one point in this work, a character
incorrectly multiplies 10 and 30 together to get 3,000. This work is credited with saving the life of several young boys because at one
point it features a poster demonstrating how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. A key scene in this work features a group in unison
chanting it is mathematically impossible to give more than 100 percent, while an antagonist is the Greek Ari Amodopoulos who
makes a million dollar bet with another character. This work ends with a surprise pinch hitter called for because “it’s called playing
the percentages,” and that hitter is beaned with the bases loaded to drive in the winning run. FTP, name this softball epic which
includes a spirited discussion of Lord Palmerston and Pitt the Elder, an episode of “The Simpsons” featuring many real life baseball
players, whose title parodies an Ernest Lawrence Thayer poem.
ANSWER: “Homer at the Bat” (accept Simpsons Softball Episode or other equivalents before “The Simpsons” is said)

A 2003 film about a miraculous event in Switzerland celebrates this country’s victory over “The Mighty Magyars” in a World Cup
Final. In a Monty Python sketch, a man from this country is the only real-life soccer player in a sketch where famous philosophers
duel each other in a match. This country’s national team was victimized by the infamous “Wembley Goal” in a loss to England in the
1966 World Cup. A 1970 World Cup semi-final featuring five goals scored in overtime saw this country’s team lose to Italy in the so-
called “Game of the Century.” The only nation to win both the men’s and women’s World Cup, this team won the 1990 World Cup, a
year of immense political significance to this country. FTP, name this team outfitted by adidas, whose greatest player was Franz
Beckenbauer and who sports clubs in Stuttgart, Dresden, and Berlin.
ANSWER: Germany (accept West or East Germany)

This man appeared on the cover of the Dreamcast game NCAA College Football 2K2. In a 2007 NFL Network advertisement about
fans’ incorrect preseason predictions, a man playing miniature golf says “Of course” he didn’t draft this man for a fantasy team,
asking “What am I, an idiot?” This man controversially described in 2009 how certain people “get away with whatever they want” and
are rewarded with “five opportunities a day to pray” in reference to his tour of Guantanamo Prison. He filed a lawsuit against the
usage of his image in a certain person’s campaign to become a Circuit Judge—that person was this man’s mother, Mina, who died
earlier this year. In 2009’s season opener, he destroyed the Detroit Lions by throwing a record six touchdown passes on opening day,
and he also holds the record for most completions in a season. FTP, name this graduate of Purdue, a man who frequently throws to
Marques Colston in his position as quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.
ANSWER: Drew Brees

During the 1999 season, this man used a game glove autographed by Snoop Doggy Dogg, and prior to the season, he took up tennis to
play with his then girlfriend, Amanda Coetzer. In an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this man serves as Sabrina’s guide to the
mirror universe, saying the corny line “Life is a team sport.” A 1999 Sports Illustrated column noted the “almost eerily loyal
following” this athlete had within Internet gay chat rooms, ascribing it to a beefcake poster of this man available on his official
website. By far the best baseball player to attend UC Irvine for college, this man was called “simply my best friend” by Cal Ripken Jr.
during his Hall of Fame induction. Along with Barry Bonds, he is the only player to steal 50 bases one season and hit 50 home runs in
another, and he played the most games in the outfield of any Baltimore Oriole. FTP, name this center fielder for the O’s from 1988 to
2001, whose fluke 50 home run season in 1996 probably remains his most notable accomplishment.
ANSWER: Brady Anderson

This team once racked up a recruiting violation for among other things, illegally paying an electric bill of potential transfer Vincent
Askew’s ailing grandmother. During a 1989 game, supposedly prompted by an obscene gesture from Rick Pitino, this team
mercilessly ran up the score against Kentucky, winning the game 150-95. In the 1966 Regional Finals, despite the best efforts of All-
American Jo Jo White, this team lost to eventual champion Texas Western in double-overtime. At the end of the 2003 season, this
team’s coach notably told Bonnie Bernstein “as a human being that’s not very nice” after being asked about his future job prospects.
Under its current coach, this team was embarrassingly eliminated in the NCAA tournament by both Bucknell and Bradley in 2005 and
2006, while a more positive tournament moment saw a clutch three-pointer in regulation by Mario Chalmers. The alma mater of Paul
Pierce, Danny Manning, and Wilt Chamberlain, FTP, name this Big Twelve university which won a championship in 2008 under the
direction of coach Bill Self.
ANSWER: Kansas Jayhawks (accept either)

In Mike Cheyne’s football coach on “Law and Order” thread, he listed the quote “Stop harassing my family with these disgusting
accusations!” as associated with this man. On a 2005 Monday Night Football game, he was filmed sniffing ammonia capsules on the
sidelines, which John Madden described as a regular NFL practice. In one notable interview, this man said he would hire his former
college roommate Hugh Millen as his quarterbacks coach for his hypothetical “dream job,” a real life position currently held by Steve
Sarkisian after the dismissal of Tyrone Willingham. This fixation on the coaching position of his alma mater, the University of
Washington, was chided as “inappropriate remarks” by the owner of the team this man was currently coaching, Arthur Blank. FTP,
name this man who originally coached the Atlanta Falcons from 2004 to 2006 and now guides the Seattle Seahawks, the son of a NFL
coach who once gave an incredulous press conference about “PLAYOFFS?”
ANSWER: Jim L. Mora (do not accept Jim E. Mora, accept Jim Mora Jr.)

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