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									Consuming C# Web Server from C#.NET Client to show the server time.
1. Create a new project, choose ASP.NET Web Service Application. Here we name the project
name as ServiceTime.

Open the Service1.asmx, add the following codes after “helloworld” method.
       public DateTime GetServerTime()           {
               return DateTime.Now;
Save and run the project. Visual Studio will get you a port and the show the methods you built on
the website. Like this: http://localhost:64518/Service1.asmx

Then add a new project from the current solution.
Choose Windows Forms Application, here we name it ServiceTimeClient.
Then drag the corresponding components and format it like this:

Right click on the project -> Add Service Reference.
Copy and paste the address of Service1.asmx.
In my computer, it is: http://localhost:64518/Service1.asmx
Click Go, Name the Namespace “TimeServiceReference”, Click OK

Add the code:
using ServiceTimeClient.TimeServiceReference;

Then build a new instance of Service1SoapClient:
Service1SoapClient proxy = new Service1SoapClient();

Double click the “Get Time” button on the [Design] side, add the following code:
               label1.Text = proxy.HelloWorld();
               textBox1.Text = proxy.GetServerTime().ToString();

You will get the result like this:
Before click the button:

After clicking the button:

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