COLLEGE OF MARIN
                            ACADEMIC SENATE MEETING MINUTES
                                        FOR Sept. 3, 2009
                                      12:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                         Student Service Building, Conference Rooms A & B

Senators Present: Yolanda Bellisimo, Michael Dougan, Joetta Scott, Ron Gaiz, Robert Kennedy,
Arthur Lutz, Sara McKinnon, Radica Portello, Blaze Woodlief, Meg Pasquel, Eric Dunmire,
Christine Li
Senators Absent: Joe Mueller, Derek Wilson, Erika Harkins
Guests: Rinetta Early, Chris Schultz
I. Approval and Adoption of the Agenda: adopted

II. Reading and Approval of the Minutes of May 14, 2009: adopted

III. Officers’ Reports

President (Yolanda Bellisimo): Attached

Vice-President (Derek Wilson): No report.

Treasurer (Ron Gaiz): Attached.

IV. Committee Reports

Academic Standards (Rinetta Early): .The committee met briefly today regarding the issue of
repeatability. Counselors feel allowing students to repeat a course is too many times. A
discussion in the committee looked at 4 or 5 allowable repeats. That discussion will continue
Sept. 17, with the outcome reported to the Academic Senate to Oct. 1. Senate President
Bellisimo said it will be placed back on our agenda at that time. She said the sense of the Senate
is that 4 repeats would be the appropriate number.

The Testing Office wants to cease doing GED testing three times a year, a service for which
students pay $85. Tests for the current semester are scheduled on Sept. 22 and Oct. 5.
Senators agree that the tests would be more logically provided at the end of the semester, when
students complete their GED courses at COM. The test is difficult to administer, but was once
offered weekly at COM and current Testing Office personnel are trained to do it (and were hired,
in part, based on that training). Senators are not sympathetic to the Testing Office request.

Curriculum (Chris Schultz): The committee has a new handbook, emerging from a conference in
Southern California, that “guides us in a really systematic way.” Training is beginning in stand-
alone courses.

Governance Committees (Yolanda Bellisimo): The first IPC meeting will be held next Tuesday.
Members of the newly formed committee are invited to attend.

Facilities Committee (Eric Dunmire): President Bellisimo tells Eric that the Academic Senate
would like a report in October for what plans the committee has made for this year. The
committee “didn’t meet much or not at all last year.” We would like a report on Oct. 1 regarding
the committee’s goals and priorities. Senator Dunmire said the problem stems from “different
philosophical views over what the Finance Committee is.” He said one view is that the committee
has nothing to do with the current modernization program, with “its own discreet entities.”
Under this view, the committee is for “long-term planning of maintenance of facilities and
recommendations for long-term financial planning.” Last semester all meetings of the committee
were suspended awaiting final adoption by the IPC of the Integrated Planning Model.

Program Review Committee (Sara McKinnon): The committee should meet soon. A program
review template will be sent out to everybody, despite on-going problems using Banner.

 V: Consent Agenda

 a) Resolution for David Rollison Retirement: Following a couple of stylistic alterations
    suggested by Senator Lutz, the Senate approved a resolution honoring long-term COM
    English instructor David Rollison, a former member and president of the Academic Senate,
    for his service. The resolution will be presented to the next Board of Trustees meeting.
    David Rollison will be invited to attend. The resolution is attached.

 VI: Action Items

  a)     Resolution 4.01 CCC GE AP List (held from last session): Approved.
  b)     To Direct Curriculum Committee to Use Electronic Format for COR: OIM and a staff
expert will be involved in construction of the form. Committee members and department chairs
should approve changes to the format. Changes in content must be approved by the Curriculum
Committee, then forwarded to the Academic Senate for approval. OIM can’t make changes to
the content of that form. Chris Schultz asked Senators to identify what they want from this. A
detailed discussion of that ensued. The item was approved. with emphasis on its completion
before the next WASC inspection.

 c) To Approve an MOU on Program Review as Amended: Approved.

 d) To Approve Unit Allocation, Cancellation, Restoration, Reallocation Process as Amended:

 VII: Discussion

      a) Syllabus Template (Chris Schultz): Issues of form and content have come up over the
         past few years. Should they be standardized across disciplines? Is it a contract or a
         guideline? Chris has collected several types of templates and modified one set from the
         Southern Association of Schools (“the WASC of the South”) and asked Senators to
         review it.

                  The real question is how to take a developed form forward to the faculty. The
         UPM contract currently states that a syllabus is not required, but the school needs to
         have one on line for students to review. It’s easy to do, and could solve one of our
         deficits in communications with students. Chris recommends that it be taken to
         department chairs and brought to the Academic Senate. A small committee of
         volunteers, including Chris and Senator Radica Portello, will develop the template,
         probably using a bullet-point format.

         Senator Bellisimo noted that WASC now requires Student Learning Outcomes to be
         included in each syllabus. Senator Dunmire asked if the requirement referred to a
         syllabus for each course, or for each section and instructor. A course syllabus could
         serve as a supplement to an instructor’s syllabus.

         Senators discussed the fact that you don’t have to garner agreement from every
         instructor on what would be included in a “big” syllabus, other than issues that are the
         same for everyone like the official policy on cheating. While SLOs and purpose-
         statements can be broad, course descriptions could vary by instructor. A large syllabus
         would not have to include a calendar and week-by-week activities. Perhaps a very
         generic syllabi on-line could include links to instructors’ pages and other, more
         detailed, class syllabi.

         Senator Bellisimo noted that we don’t have a choice in whether to do something along
         these lines, but the question is in what we want to do. The committee will meet and
         bring specific suggestions to the Senate.

      b) Bolinas lab: This was covered in president’s report (attached). Senator Bellisimo said
         the board of trustees is worried about murky legal issues involved with the selling of
         the property, should the district decide to pursue that option. The property must first
         be offered to public institution, then put up for general bids (including those proffered
         by non-profit organizations) only if the public institutions express no interest. So the
         notion of a long-term lease makes more sense because the property would stay in our
         hands and we would have control over who we lease it to. The California Academy y of
         Science is very enthusiastic about the idea. They have put together long-term lease
         partner4ships with other scientific groups, “so they know the drill.” They want a
         partnership in which everyone uses the lab for learning purposes.

      c) Review WASC Rubric for SLOs: Deferred.

      d) Timing for Placement Tests: Deferred.

  ADJOURNMENT: 2:00 p.m.

For questions or information concerning the Academic Senate minutes, please contact: Michael
Dougan:, X7336.
September 3, 2009

1.   SLO Award to Robert Kennedy
     Robert Kennedy has been honored as the recipient of the California Community College Network for
     Student Learning Outcomes Assessment 2009 POWER award for Institutional Outcomes. POWER
     stands for Promising Outcomes Work and Exemplary Research. You can check it out at:
     The award ceremony should be a lot of fun. It’s on Wednesday, October 7th in San Francisco and
     Sara, Robert, Becky Brown and I will be attending.
     I love this kind of publicity for our faculty and the college!

2.   Bolinas Lab
     Joe Mueller and I met with Nick and Fran on Monday to talk about a possible partnership with the
     California Academy of Science. Fran and Nick were very receptive to the possibility and Joe will meet
     with representatives of the academy and then set up a meeting with Fran and the academy fund
     development officer. We discussed two alternatives: 1) selling the property with an agreement that the
     scientific community, including us, could use the facility cooperatively; 2) a long term lease with the
     college owning the property and the academy leasing it and maintaining it. The second option seems
     more doable because we have more control over who we can lease property to, plus it may give the
     college something of an income stream for ongoing maintenance of the site. We have little control over
     who purchases property and there is quite a bureaucratic dance that goes into government entities
     selling surplus property. Joe will let me know as soon as he has an appointment set with his contact at
     the academy. In the mean time, Fran is going forward with an appraisal update of the property and will
     be reporting to the board in October, possibly with a resolution about selling the lab site. Apparently,
     the board wants action on this so our intervention to create a college/scientific community partnership
     has to move fast.

3.   Retirement Gift
     I bought a key ring and took it to be engraved for David Rollison. It will be ready to mail to him by next
     week. It’s customary to write a resolution for a retiring past-president of the Senate. I have sent a draft
     in a separate email that we can edit and approve tomorrow. We can send it with his gift.

4.   Discontinuing GED Testing
     Nick has informed me that the testing office has requested that we discontinue GED testing. They feel
     it is an added burden to their job and that Tam High School District is offering several testing times
     each week – more than we can offer. Apparently, the testing costs the district and they are looking at
     this as a potential savings. Thus far they are talking about discontinuing the testing and not the GED
     classes. However, the English Skills Department will be talking to Nick about this and perhaps about
     the revitalization of this program.
                                      College of Marin
                             Academic Senate Checking Account
                          Union Bank of California, Kentfield Branch

 Date               Description                          Deposit       Withdrawal
  6/20/08    Open account (Close WestAmerica             $ 1,448.75                 $1,448.75
   7/9/08    Reimburse Yolanda Bellisimo for retiree                  $270.57       $1,178.18
             & appreciation gifts/awards and related
             as per 04/17/08 minutes – UBoC Check
  7/10/08    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll               $91.00                    $1,269.18
             for June, 2008
  7/10/08    Service charge for 120 Union Bank checks                 $15.35        $1,253.83
  8/04/08    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll               $94.00                    $1,347.83
             for July, 2008
  8/21/08    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll               $94.00                    $1,441.83
             for February, 2008 & $1.00 new faculty
             contribution made in August, 2008
09/09/08     Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll               $99.00                    $1,540.83
             for August, 2008
10/01/08     Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll               $118.00                   $1,658.83
             for September, 2008
11/03/08     Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll               $123.00                   $1,781.83
             for October, 2008
11/06/08     Reimburse Michael Dougan for purchase                    $45.45        $1,736.38
             of Bulletin Board for Academic Senate for
             placement in the mailroom above the copy
12/03/08   Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll         $153.00             $1,889,38
           for November, 2008
12/04/08   Reimburse Yolanda Bellisimo for cake              $75.00   $1,814.38
12/04/08   Pay Campus Bistro for food & flowers             $230.49   $1,553.89
12/09/08   Reimburse Meg Pasquel - flowers                   $53.88   $1,530.01
Date                 Description                                 Deposit             Withdrawal
 01/05/09 Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                $163.00                             $1,693.01
            for December, 2008
 01/16/09 Reimburse Sara McKinnon for Wikispace                            $200.00          $1,493.01
            yearly membership
 02/04/09 Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                $149.00                             $1,642.01
            for January, 2009
 03/03/09 Deposit partial C.o.M. faculty payroll         $9.00                              $1,651.01
            contributions for January, 2009
 03/03/09 Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                $158.00                             $1,809.01
            for February, 2009
 04/02/09 Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                $158.00                             $1967.01
            for March, 2009
 04/09/09 Registration for Sara McKinnon for the                           $325.00          $1642.01
            Spring 2009 State Academic Senate
            Plenary session
05/05/09    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll              $158.00                             $1800.01
            for April, 2009
05/13/09    Reimburse Yolanda Bellisimo for the                            $503.72          $ 1296.29
            purchase of four key rings from Tiffany &
            Co. for C.o.M. retirees’ gifts
05/14/09    Reimburse Radica Portello for Orchid                           $79.66           $1216.63
            and picture frame
05/14/09    Reimburse Ben Angulo for Senate lunch                          $200.00          $1016.63
05/14/09    Reimburse Yolanda Bellisimo for senate-                        $445.54           $571.09
            purchased gifts (Stars & engraving costs)
06/08/09    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll              $158.00                             $729.09
            for May, 2009
06/22/09    Reimburse Yolanda Bellisimo for Senate-                        $87.96           $641.10
            purchased gifts (envelopes & engraving
            costs) for retirees
Date                Description                                 Deposit           Withdrawal
07/06/09    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                 $149.00                              790.10
            for June, 2009
08/05/09    Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                 $149.00                              939.10
            for July, 2009
 09/10/09 Deposit C.o.M. faculty payroll                   $168.00                          1107.10
            for August, 2009 (Including $13.00 from

                                                      As 0f 09/10/09 - District Budget Totals
$ 11,080.68
                                                          Union Bank of CA Total
$      1107.10

                                               Total in both Academic Senate Accounts               $
Whereas David Rollison has been a member of the College of Marin English Department faculty
for 34 years and has served several terms as chair of the English/Humanities department; and

Whereas David Rollison has been a member of the Academic Senate; and

Whereas David Rollison has served as President of the Academic Senate; and

Whereas David Rollison has been instrumental in establishing the participatory governance
system at the College of Marin; and

Whereas David Rollison created and helped organize the Faculty ListServ; and

Whereas David Rollison has served on numerous governance and hiring committees; and

Whereas David Rollison has championed the academic interests of the faculty and students at
the college:

Be it Resolved that the Academic Senate of the College of Marin acknowledges David’s
dedication to the college, its faculty and its students. We, the Academic Senate, thank David for
his years of service and wish him well in his retirement.

Yolanda Bellisimo
Academic Senate President

Derek Wilson
Academic Senate Vice President

Approved by the Academic Senate, September 3, 2009

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